It has famously been said that “the only constant is change”. And when it comes to today’s philanthropic landscape, it feels as though truer words were never spoken as philanthropy and fundraising are changing at an unprecedented pace in Canada. The last few years have seen evolving attitudes and philosophies on the part of all donors in Canada, be they individuals, corporations or foundations. Add the many new fundraising programs and vehicles into the mix and what emerges is an environment where many of the old rules no longer apply…but where there is much opportunity for those who are able to harness it. Join KCI’s Nicole Nakoneshny, as she uses anecdotal examples and qualitative research to provide development professionals with an accurate picture of this evolving landscape as well as the important and exciting trends that they should be factoring into their future fundraising strategies.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Develop a detailed understanding of the key trends that impact decision makers in the non-profit sector

2. Be updated on the most current statistics on Canadian philanthropy (individual, corporate and foundation giving) through a compilation of key data sources across the country

3. Be encouraged to consider how they can apply an understanding of philanthropic trends to professional work as fundraisers and leaders

Nicole Nakoneshny

Senior Vice President and Partner

Ketchum Canada Inc.

In addition to serving as the editor of KCI’s online publication, Philanthropic Trends Quarterly©, Nicole plays a lead role in KCI’s specialty portfolio. She works closely with clients to develop highly customised strategic plans and integrated revenue generation strategies, both of which are essential to long-term organizational sustainability. Nicole also conducts capacity assessments and program reviews that assist organizations in enhancing their activities and achieving increased fundraising results.