We all want to change the world and do our best work. But how?

Rocking the boat can be scary! Stephanie and Brock have first-hand experience moving innovative ideas through an organization, while remaining true to themselves. There are so many different ways and approaches to making change and taking risks, so they’re sharing interviews with fundraisers who have made change in their own way.

Coupled with this practical experience, they’ll share the research and science behind how innovation and influence works, so you can identify your own path through.

Change doesn’t always begin with a bang, sometimes it starts with a polite nudge. In fact, this session could also be called “How to Win Friends & Influence People in Your Organization.”

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn how to disrupt in a way that is authentic to you

2. Skills to build relationships before you need them

3. Tactics to push new ideas forward in a risk-averse sector

4. The confidence to feel empowered to impact change in your organization

Stephanie Highfield

Fundraising Strategist


Stephanie Highfield is a Fundraising Strategist with Blakely, a Fundraising and Marketing Agency. She has spent the past decade working for a variety of charities across Toronto, raising funds for and telling stories about everything from fully digital hospitals to family centered addiction treatment. Passionate about providing all donors in her community with an opportunity to give, Stephanie embraces a creative and multichannel approach to annual fundraising programs, while always focusing on donors.

Brock Warner, CFRE, bCRE-Pro

Director, Community Giving and Innovation

War Child

Brock Warner, CFRE is the Director, Community Giving and Innovation at War Child – a charity providing humanitarian aid to children affected by war. His writing on fundraising has been published in Hilborn and was a central figure in Gail Picco’s 2017 book “Cap in Hand: How Charities are Failing the People of Canada and the World” as an example of a fundraiser able and willing to grapple with the large philosophical challenges of fundraising for increasingly polarising social issues. You can follow him on Twitter at @brockwarner, or connect with him on LinkedIn.