Google Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) and you will discover roughly 13.5 Million results on this topic. That's enough to make your head spin! With all the buzz about EQ ; how are you able to drill down to the most salient points and understand what you need to apply it to your leadership style and make the leap to becoming a transformational leader? In this, session we will explore the intersection of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence and discuss actionable strategies you can start implementing right away.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explore emotional intelligence and it's place in organizational culture building

2. Discuss the 5 characteristics of Emotional Intelligence and how they manifest in exceptional leaders

3. Understand and be able to apply the three aspect of transformational leadership

4. Take home 3 action items to DO NOW in their organizations

Kishshana Palmer, CFRE

Founder & CEO

Kishshana & Co.

Kishshana Palmer is a national speaker, trainer, and coach with a 16 year background  in fundraising, marketing, and talent management.  She’s a supernova on any stage and platforms due to her charismatic and candid delivery.