The non-profit profession can be fun and highly rewarding, but extremely busy. If you’re at the beginning of your career, most often you are so busy doing your job that you forget to plan for what’s next. How does one execute their role, build donor relationships and think about and prepare for the long term? The truth is, most simply put career planning on hold and then react -- they see a job posting or take a call from a recruiter, and think, that looks interesting. How many strategically plan their career? In today’s competitive climate of doing more with less, how do you build your skills, do your job effectively and keep in tune for what non-profits are looking for in their talent? This session will explore all these questions and bring practical recommendations for pro-actively planning and determining your best course of action, understand the sector gaps and how to address them.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Learn what non-profits will want in their fundraising talent over the next few years.
2. Understand the current gaps and what competencies are scarce and how you can position yourself to address these?
3. Learn how to prepare for your next role and plan your career while taking stock of your knowledge, skills and experience.

Deborah Legrove



Today, Deborah places talent in the non-profit sector. She brings more than 30 years of experience with numerous non-profits as a leader, manager, executive, fundraiser, and consultant. She has served as CEO of a healthcare foundation and advised senior leadership in multiple complex capital campaigns in both Canada and the USA. As active volunteer, Deborah sits on the board of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada, volunteers for the Psychology Foundation of Canada and has served on other boards including the Dorothy Ley Hospice. In 2015, she completed the NFP Essentials Governance Program through the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Dino Sophocleous, CFRE

President & CEO

Hospitals of Regina Foundation

Dino Sophocleous is a senior non-profit leader with twenty-five years of experience. He is well versed in annual fund development, major gift programs and capital campaigns and has managed campaigns ranging from $10 million to $80 million. Dino’s past roles include President, Arthritis Research Foundation; President, The Hearing Foundation of Canada; National Director of Development, Ducks Unlimited Canada; and Development Director, Huntington Society of Canada. Dino is a member of AFP, CAGP and AHP. He holds a CFRE professional designation, a BA (Specialized Honors) in Economics from York University in Toronto and has completed the Capital Campaigns Program offered by AHP.