The ‘best’ donation pages in the nonprofit world convert visitors to a donation page at about 15%. That means 85% of the people who specifically visit a donation page are leaving. Lost. And perhaps never coming back.

We’ve conducted over 300 donation page experiments over the past 5 years, trying to decode what factors and elements influence the likelihood that someone will donate.

There are three different types of donation pages and each radically changes the motivation of the visitor and the way you craft your page. And if you're brave enough, you can submit your page and we'll optimize it live!

Learning Outcomes:

1. Attendees will understand the key messaging components of a donation page.

2. Attendees will learn the key differences between the three types of donation pages.

3. Attendees will get some key metrics and tools to help them measure, test, and track their donations.

4. Attendees will be see how to update, optimize, and improve their own donation page based on proven elements.