How To Ask for a Major Gift: Exactly What You Say to Help Your Donor Give an inspired "Yes!"

What if you had a specific 3-sentence recipe to ask for anything? What EXACTLY do you say? Marcy’s 3-sentence ask will give you a clear path. As she says, “ A confused donor doesn’t give and a confused fundraiser doesn’t ask.” Get crystal CLEAR on exactly how to write and speak an ask. You’ll also learn how to apply this ask formula not only for major gifts, but for event sponsors, operations, board service, endowment gifts and annual fund leadership gifts. You may rock at creating a great relationship but the gift comes from a clear ask confidently delivered. Learn how to do it with Marcy.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Think positively about asking others for money
2. Learn a simple 3-sentence recipe to present a clear ask
3. Get clear on why you must be clear
4. Write and speak your own ask
5. Dramatically increase your “yeses” to fundraising asks
6. Learn how to apply this ask formula to secure a “Yes” to whatever you want
7. Have fun

Marcy Heim, CFRE, PLCC

Founder and President

The Artful Asker

Marcy's a proven major-gift expert, life/fundraising coach, author, speaker, singer and mom. She inspires others to create their mindset and actions for optimal giving results and joy. For 23 years she managed her major gifts team at the UW Foundation team through 3 campaigns, one $1.8 billion. She been awarded the CASE Crystal Apple and AFP’s Outstanding Fundraiser and has been featured internationally for 10 years. Her book, “Empowering Development Ambassadors” guides her board educational experiences. Over 11,000 have embraced her “Making an Artful Ask” tool. VIP clients produce amazing increases in major gift capacity and enhanced cultures of generosity.