Monthly, intermediate and planned gifts are essential to the growth and sustainability of your organization, yet many charities are not focusing on creating a ladder of involvement for their donors.

Using real-world examples, this practical session will give you insights on how to create clearly defined monthly, intermediate and planned giving programs. You’ll walk away with new techniques to help you turn your individual donors into lifelong donors, by positioning your cause as one that supporters want to be more involved with.

Key Learnings:

  • Learn how to create a ladder of involvement to help you encourage donors to move up your pyramid.
  • Learn the importance of program brand hierarchy as it relates to fundraising
  • Understand the impact and importance of the donor experience
  • Master tactics that influence donors to increase their gift size or make legacy gift.
  • Discover new strategies for increasing your current donors’ life-time value

Liz Attfield, DipDM

Vice-President, Strategic Services

Stephen Thomas Ltd.

Liz is a member of Stephen Thomas’s leadership team and a long-time fundraiser, with nearly 20 years of experience in key areas such as strategic planning, database analytics, integrated account management, and mid-level and legacy marketing. As the leader of our Strategic Services team, Liz provides our clients with strategic insight that will engage donors, connect them to the cause, and drive revenue.


Prior to joining ST, Liz spent three years in London, UK, working alongside some of the UK’s top charity brands. She also brings her clients an international perspective on their fundraising having earned a diploma in direct marketing through one of the UK’s leading organizations, the Institute of Direct Marketing.


Liz has three great loves: family, work, and music. Etched onto the back of her iPhone are the words: Music gives soul to the universe. And Liz feeds her soul every chance she gets —attending concerts (she saw the Tragically Hip twice in two days!) and singing karaoke. Her go-to song, Queen’s “Under Pressure”, is a testament to her resilience and adventurous spirit.

Jennifer Meriano

Director, Brand Strategy

Stephen Thomas Ltd.

Whether sharing the tale of how she learned to eat fire from a New Zealand street performer or watching a documentary about how bubble wrap was invented, Jennifer loves a good story. It’s little wonder then, that a big focus of her role at Stephen Thomas Ltd is helping clients tell their stories.


A strategic, multidisciplinary brand director who specializes in brand and donor insights, Jennifer helps non-profit marketers address brand and integrated marketing challenges within their organizations.


Jennifer joined ST from the commercial marketing side of the business. Most recently, she was the Creative Account Director at Toronto-based The Mint Agency, where she helped steer cross-functional teams in the development and execution of a full-spectrum of integrated marketing campaigns covering web, print, direct and social channels. Previously, she held marketing management roles at AOL Media Network and Softchoice Corporation.