Do you feel it too? The tension in this sector? Non-profits are engines of social change in our neighbourhoods, cities, countries and our world. Our organizations are measured in human impact, in real (true) social change--and we share this impact through brilliant, emotional and personal storytelling. So why do we tolerate systems and leadership that uphold dominant culture power dynamics? How can we confront abuse, bullying and harassment in our workplaces? How can we honour the lived experiences of women in fundraising today and create a framework to build a better tomorrow? This session will be an open and safe space where we will provide you with information, inspiration and resources that will help you lean in to these critical issues in your own way.

Learning Outcomes:

1. We’ll measure the state of equality in our sector, both here in Canada and globally.

2. Together, we’ll unpack privilege and bias, help you understand how it works and what you can do about it.

3. You’ll learn to explore and grow your emotional intelligence at work and in your life.

4. We’ll share stories and expand conversations--and we’ll give you practical tools you can use today to step into change in your own life, your current workplace, your fundraising network and your career.

5. Note for organizers: We plan to have content to deliver, lots of interaction and also give all participants a way to organize their own discussion groups using the Ms. Rupt model.

Mimosa Kabir

Manager, Individual Giving

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

Mimosa is an aspiring changemaker, looking to foster collaboration and innovation within the nonprofit sector. She has experience in relationship-building, tactical planning and managing events. She holds a BA honours degree in Global Development Studies and History from Queen's University, and post-graduate certificates from Humber College in Fundraising Management and the University of Leicester in Mass Communications. Mimosa currently works for the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and moonlights as a facilitator for the Youth Advocacy Training Institute. Mimosa is also a bookworm, pop culture enthusiast, wannabe globetrotter and sometimes blogger.


Beth Ann Locke

Chief Development Officer

BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation

Beth Ann has the best career in the world – working with donors on their dreams for a better world. She’s a tireless fan of our profession and understands that building relationships, connecting to donors’ values and expressing gratitude are keys to success. Over 25 years she's raised millions for the education, social services, and international sectors in Canada and the U.S. by connecting donors with ideas and projects close to their hearts. 

She’s Chief Development Officer at BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation and a member of the board member of AFP Greater Vancouver.  She loves to travel the world, throw dinner parties and send notes of appreciation to friends and colleagues.

Jen Love


Agents of Good

Agent Jen Love is a storyteller. And not in a poetic sense. In a fumbling, arm-waving, half-sentence-speaking, let's-get-to-the-heart-and-the-feelings sense. Write drunk, edit sober...even if you’re only drunk on emotions. Inhaling an attitude of gratitude and exhaling #donorlove, Jen’s title is Partner at Agents of Good, a collective of donor champions.

Beate Sørum

Digital Fundraising Consultant


Beate is a well-known international public speaker, who runs digital fundraising consultancy b.bold. She has more than five years of digital fundraising expertise, most of which is from  the Norwegian Cancer Society, where she among other things doubled the digital fundraising return. Beate loves everything web and digital, and she loves to share what she learns along the way. Her special interests are user experience, landing page and donation form design, content strategy and using social media for donor stewardship.