Mark Hierlihy has always taken the long-view of his career and frequently takes calls from people wanting to know how to move their career forward and to feel fulfilled in their work. He’s been fortunate to have had some “super-mentors” and wants to pay it forward. So he takes time to meet with each one so they too can take charge of their own career. Mark believes the best way to have a better job in the future is to better understand what one should do today. One of his mentors taught him the three core ingredients of a career are – passions, skills and experience and he will bring you a practical work shop in which he will share the top insights he has applied his own experience applied to what he says are the biggest questions young professionals are asking today.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Answer your burning questions about how to feel fulfilled in your current job while preparing for your long-term career

2. Provide you with a career tool for assessing your passions, skills and experience to help you take charge of you

3. Help you understand the gaps you must fill in order to become the leader you want to be in your current role as well as future positions

Mark Hierlihy, CFRE

President & CEO

Canada's Children's Hospital Foundation

Mark Hierlihy found his calling in causes and philanthropy over 20 years ago at a new hospital foundation in PEI. He has always been passionate about helping others and says his personal mission is "to be a constant positive influence on everyone I meet."

Mark is the inaugural President & CEO of Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations, a collaboration of the 13 children's hospitals in Canada - incorporating the mission of Children's Miracle Network and expanding the impact of fundraising campaigns for children's health in Canada. Throughout his career he has driven change and integration in Hospitals, national health, sports, the arts, mental health and other causes. Mark has also served in various senior volunteer roles at the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and co-founded AFP D3: Debate. Debunk. Delight, a forum for charity executives from across Canada. He is a frequent speaker at corporate and charity conferences.