How do you engage and excite your donors by telling your story – your WHY? It all starts with the brand – which is the emotional heart of your organization, connecting donors to your cause and to the people who benefit from the work you do. Learn how Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in the U.S, and other organizations bring their brand to life in various fundraising channels to greater effect.

Questions we’ll answer include:

  • Does emotion enhance or detract?
  • Does your organization have stories to tell? If not, how do you secure them? If so, how do you tell them?
  • How do you avoid the pitfalls of formulaic (boring) creative – in TV, online and in the mail?
  • How does the story differ in how you tell it between various channels?
  • What are some time-tested truths about integrated fundraising creative?
  • How do you bring your brand to life in fundraising channels after your Motherbrand has gone through a rebranding (or brand refresh) exercise?
  • And more!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to make sure your donors feel emotionally engaged with your organization so they give more
  2. What to think about when your organization goes through a rebrand
  3. How to avoid common pitfalls when telling your story across multiple channels
  4. Best practices for effective integrated fundraising creative

Bryan Tenenhouse

Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer

Stephen Thomas Ltd.

Bryan honed his creative skills at major Canadian agencies including Wunderman/Y&R, Vickers & Benson, Ogilvy and BBDO before coming to ST. He has worked on and led countless integrated campaigns, working in all media, for commercial clients such as Apple, Volkswagen and Canada Post, to name a few. Bryan sat on the board of directors of the Canadian Marketing Association, and was founding chair of the CMA's Marketing Council. He has served as a member of CMA's national conference committee, and was a founding jurist for the National Advertising Awards, which sends its winners to Cannes.