One of the challenges of marketing in the non-profit sector, particularly for non-profits working with vulnerable populations, is creating good marketing content that sells positive outcomes without selling the hardships our populations face. As marketers we need to balance the Mission, to help Population (x) overcome Problem (y), and Marketing, one of the ways by which we go about collecting the monetary capacity to solve that problem. The challenge is, non-profit marketers often run into both an ethical dilemma and a functional dilemma. The ethical dilemma: how do I sell positive outcomes without leveraging my population’s hardships as the selling point? The functional dilemma: how do I go about collecting good marketing content without disrupting my programs? Join Mo Waja, professional speaker, author, podcaster, and marketing storytelling expert and Judy Noordermeer, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications at Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto for insights into bridging the gap between program development and marketing so you can generate powerful marketing content without disrupting mission.

Learning Outcomes:

1. How to bridge the gap between programs and marketing to create an environment that creates marketing content for you.

2. How to move beyond the basic video testimonial and transform raw content into powerful storytelling.

3. How to create waterfall marketing content, maximizing the output of your content collection strategy.

Judy Noordermeer

Associate Director, Marketing and Communications

Ronald McDonald House of Charities Toronto

Judy Noordermeer is an award-winning communications and marketing leader in the non-profit sector. Prior to her current role, she led teams at SickKids Foundation, The Hospital for Sick Children, the Canadian Cancer Society and Western University. She recently received the Gold Halo Award in the video category from Engage for Good and the Kim Hill Award for digital innovation and impact from Ronald McDonald House Charities Global. She holds an MA in journalism from Western University.


Mo Waja

Marketing Storytelling Expert, Speaker, Author, Account Manager at Blakely

Mo Waja is a nonprofit storytelling expert, a professional speaker, marketer, author, podcaster, and an Account Manager at Blakely — one of Canada's premiere multichannel fundraising agencies, based out of Aurora, Ontario. As a marketer, Mo has worked with personal, not-for-profit, and for-profit brands in the charitable, software, and financial sectors, amongst others, developing successful digital storytelling strategies. As a speaker, Mo has spent tens of thousands of hours coaching business professionals, nonprofits, post-secondary students, and campaign advocates in the art of professional speaking and communication, and has delivered talks on topics ranging from marketing ethics, to digital storytelling strategy, to social media and e-philanthropy at AFP Congress, Humber College, and the AFP South Eastern Ontario annual conference. Beyond the stage, Mo is the Co-Host and Producer of Fifteen-Minute-Fundraising, an upcoming monthly series unpacking current ideas, concepts, and questions in fundraising.