Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand high-net-worth and donors are different than major donors

2. What HNW donors want and need

3. Establishing and continuing enduring conversations

4. Best practices connecting with peers and working with "gatekeepers"

Beth Ann Locke

Chief Development Officer

BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation

Beth Ann has the best career in the world – working with donors on their dreams for a better world. She’s a tireless fan of our profession and understands that building relationships, connecting to donors’ values and expressing gratitude are keys to success. Over 25 years she's raised millions for the education, social services, and international sectors in Canada and the U.S. by connecting donors with ideas and projects close to their hearts. 

She’s Chief Development Officer at BC Women's Hospital + Health Foundation and a member of the board member of AFP Greater Vancouver.  She loves to travel the world, throw dinner parties and send notes of appreciation to friends and colleagues.