We have all been there. Losing a development staff person is like throwing money in the trash and putting it outside for pickup. In fact, according to Cygnet Research's, you can lose up to $200,00 in revenue and a lot of time when you don’t make a great hire and your team member leaves.

How do you find amazing talent and create the conditions for them to stick?

If you've ever had a hard time hanging on to fundraising staff, you're looking for new strategies to help your team grown or you’re ready to level up as a manager and leader then this session is for you. Learn how to do talent management right so that you can recruit, retain and develop great employees, keeping them engaged, and making sure all of this aligns with the strategy and goals of your organization.

Kishshana Palmer, CFRE

Founder & CEO

Kishshana & Co.

Kishshana Palmer is a national speaker, trainer, and coach with a 16 year background  in fundraising, marketing, and talent management.  She’s a supernova on any stage and platforms due to her charismatic and candid delivery.