Every Non-Profit organization is using social media. But are we actually using it to its full potential? This session will give you the tools you need to actually engage viewers and create lifetime advocates for your cause. We will go beyond just branding & awareness, and deep dive into a proven 2 step model examining real life case studies and examples, while relating each to the 7 convincing principles of behavioral economics. Showing how organizations can appeal to the sentiment of a potential donor and convince them to take action. Join Social Blue & Partners as we look at how to use Social Media to acquire new monthly donors.

Leigh Gough

Head of Business North & South America

Social Blue

Leigh Gough is the Head of Business North & South America at Social Blue which helps Non Profit Organisations to acquire new monthly donors through Facebook & Instagram. With over 6 years of experience in digital marketing Leigh brings a unique perspective of how to create and implement a successful social media campaign from beginning to end, working with clients such as World Animal Protection, WWF, Save the Children and The Nature Conservancy of Canada to name but a few.

A firm believer in always pushing the boundaries Leigh and the Social Blue team continue to revolutionise fundraising through digital marketing and lead the charge in using Social Media to its full potential.