Someone who is on our website is likely to be interested in our work and perhaps supporting it. So why do so few end up making a gift on our websites? It is usually one of two reasons: 1: We have not actually asked them, or 2: We have made it too hard for them.

These are things that are easy to fix - we just need to open our eyes and see what our users see. Systematically, improving form design and landing page design sees at least double digit increases in the number of people who choose to make donations.

In this session, we will address some common donation form and landing page pitfalls and how to fix them. We will explore the key psychological factors that impact your donors on their journey through your website. You will learn the techniques and tools to start turning your well-wishers into donors.

And you will learn just how much money you are leaving on the table by not investing in the Donor User Experience.

Beate Sørum

Digital Fundraising Consultant


Beate is a well-known international public speaker, who runs digital fundraising consultancy b.bold. She has more than five years of digital fundraising expertise, most of which is from  the Norwegian Cancer Society, where she among other things doubled the digital fundraising return. Beate loves everything web and digital, and she loves to share what she learns along the way. Her special interests are user experience, landing page and donation form design, content strategy and using social media for donor stewardship.