Wednesday, October 24, 2018

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


$15 for AFP Members, $20 for Non-Members

*FREE for Congress delegates!

It can be hard to find your chance to shine. If every conference wants experience, how do you get experience speaking at conferences? That’s why AFP Toronto began the Speaker Discovery Series (SDS). We want to give first-time speakers an opportunity to receive coaching, mentorship, and constructive feedback. No slideshows allowed. Just a story, a voice, and a little bravery.

We are proud to announce our Fall 2018 event as the kick-off to AFP Toronto Congress 2018: Disrupt Philanthropy. When it comes to disruption, technology and innovation are indeed changing the game, but in our personal lives and individual career paths, we think another disruptive force deserves attention too...


Fundraising can easily cause emotions to run high. Whether you’re passionate about making an impact, you have a personal connection to the cause, you simply adore the work, or your life was blind-sided by romantic love within the profession.

This edition of the Speaker Discovery Series invites fundraisers to share their stories on the topic of love. How did this intense feeling disrupt your professional life? How do you think love affects you as a fundraiser compared to people in other fields? When was the last time love saved the day for you? Or perhaps love just made things more difficult? It’s not all roses (although sometimes it is).

Let’s all share and support each other while exploring the theme of love in fundraising.


Your AFP SDS Committee

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