Julie Brown, CFRE ChairFundraising Day 2014Julie Brown, CFRE - Chair, Fundraising Day 2014

When we first got together to discuss our goals for Fundraising Day 2014, we realized our goal was simple: to provide the greatest one-day professional development experience you’ll have this year.

Fundraising Day should be more than “just another conference.” It’s a power surge of the 500 best and brightest fundraisers in our sector who, on May 28, 2014, will come together to educate and inspire one another to be truly plugged in to what we do in every way – providing the jolt to help you be electric fundraisers in 2014 and beyond.

And so, we arrive none-too-subtly at our theme for this year: Get plugged in!

What does that mean?

It means a lot of things, such as how we, as fundraisers, must:

  • Tap into the zeitgeist to understand what donors want from their giving
  • Seize the latest trends in our sector
  • Truly steward our supporters
  • Apply new tools and strategies to reach new communities
  • Collaborate with fundraisers of every stripe across our sector to advance our shared passion for philanthropy
  • Discover what charges you – what inspires you to connect with your cause and your organization at the deepest and most meaningful level?

Most importantly, we’re most interested in what Get plugged in! means to you, Canada’s fundraising community.

In this spirit of collaboration, Fundraising Day 2014 will feature our very first Plenary Panel, chaired by Mr. Brian Emmett, Chief Economist for Imagine Canada, a renowned sector expert in measuring the impact of the sector and bringing economic issues facing charities and nonprofits to the forefront of public policy decision makers.

And of course, there will be some amazing presenters, both familiar and new, delivering diverse, informative and exciting sessions!

Stay tuned for much more information in the weeks ahead, including early-bird registration.

We’ll see you on May 28, 2014!


Julie Brown, CFRE - Chair, Fundraising Day 2014