G-01: Inclusive Giving in a World of Division & Intolerance
Speaker(s): Hamlin Grange, Emma Lewzey, CFRE, Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE, Philip Wong, Ken Wyman, CFRE

G-02: A Guide to Strategic Corporate Partnerships
Presentation, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Anthony Miceli

G-03: Strategic Questions: Maximizing the Prospect/Donor Visit
Speaker(s): Michelle Afinec, Allison Howell Quinton, CFRE

G-07: Millennial Mania! Planning Events for Millennials
Presentation, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Hala Bissada

Y-01: The Top 10 Challenges Every Canadian Non-Profit Faces…and How to Avoid Them!
Speaker(s): Tina Tehranchian, MA, CFP

Y-02: Design Thinking for Fundraisers
Workshop, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Jerrold McGrath

Y-05: Pathway to Loyalty – Integrating Your Onboarding Experience
Case Study, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): James Carroll, Cam Shapansky

Y-06: Applied Government Relations: Considerations, Strategies, and Tactics
Panel, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Carole Beaulieu , Gary Gladstone, CFRE , Senator Terry M. Mercer, CFRE , Stewart Wong

Y-07: Start from Where You’re At: a Practical Guide to Strengthening Your Culture of Philanthropy
Presentation, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Juniper Locilento, CFRE

Y-11: Modifying Your Fundraising Programs to be More Inclusive
Presentation, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Laura Syron

Y-12: Operation Thank You – Mobilizing the Whole Organization in Donor Stewardship
Case Study
Speaker(s): Cathy Barrick, Rickesh Lakhani, MBA, CFRE

R-03: Talent Solutions in an Era of Leadership Transitions
Speaker(s): David Hutchinson , Dianne Lister, LLB

R-04: Hope is Not a Strategy: New Approaches to Fundraising Based on Performance Improvement Principles
Case Study, Small Shop Friendly
Speaker(s): Steven A. Reed