Posted On: 2017-03-08
Closing On: 2017-04-03
Location: Oakville, ON
Employment Type: Full-Time
Level: Management
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Job Description

The Opportunity

We are seeking a Chief Executive Officer to provide leadership in planning and directing the Foundation, and implementing our strategic plan to achieve the Foundation’s overarching goals.  The CEO will serve as an inspiring mentor and coach for our staff team, and will partner with and support the Foundation Board in their activities.

The CEO will be responsible for building and maintaining effective relationships between Oakville Hospital Foundation and our internal and external stakeholders.  Externally, the CEO will serve as our Chief Fundraiser, and will be the public face of the Foundation with the community and the media. Internally, the CEO will work closely with the Hospital’s Board of Directors, senior leadership, hospital staff and professionals, physicians and volunteers. The CEO will represent the interests of the Foundation and its donors in strategic discussions and initiatives of OTMH.

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Halton Healthcare operates three community hospitals in the Region of Halton. Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and Milton District Hospital amalgamated in 1998, and Georgetown Hospital joined in 2006. Together, these three hospitals provide care to more than 350,000 residents of the communities of Oakville, Milton, and Halton Hills.

The opening of the new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital on December 13, 2015 marked the beginning of a new era of healthcare in our community. The state-of-the-art healthcare facility includes a cancer clinic, an expanded diagnostic imaging department, 80% single patient rooms, and many more significant advances. In its first year, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) has seen more than 70,000 people in its Emergency Department, conducted more than 28,000 ultrasounds, 12,000 MRI scans, 16,000 CT scans, and delivered close to 2,500 babies.

In September 2015, the Cancer Care Clinic officially opened at OTMH. The facility began treating patients in February 2016 and has already cared for hundreds of Halton residents.  The new Clinic provides the community with access to a wider range of cancer services closer to home.  

Oakville’s new Hospital is a blend of innovative technologies, a carefully thought out, modern healthcare environment and the skills and dedication of physicians, staff and volunteers that will enable Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital to meet the needs of the community well into the future.

We encourage you to explore the Halton Healthcare website.  Below are several links that may be of interest:

About The Oakville Hospital Foundation

We have long understood that our hospital is built of more than just bricks and mortar. Oakville’s residents count on their local hospital to deliver the healthcare they need, close to home. And we, in turn, count on the generosity of our donors to continue to make it all possible as government funding alone cannot provide for everything.

The campaign to equip the new OTMH raised a record-breaking $65 million in donations, surpassing its goal of raising $60 million. Gifts from the campaign are being used to fund more than 30,000 pieces of medical equipment and technology. The campaign was supported by a prominent and dedicated group of volunteers and led by co-chairs Bill Cooper and Eve Willis.

The campaign publicly launched in May 2013 and since then more than 28,000 donors contributed to the largest fundraising campaign in Oakville’s history. The campaign also inspired 17 gifts of one million dollars or more with the single largest gift being a $10 million lead gift from Peter Gilgan. In recognition of his pace-setting gift, the Patient Care Centre in the new Hospital is named in his honour.

To build on the Hospital’s new model of excellence, the Oakville Hospital Foundation is committed to funding three emerging priorities of the Hospital:

  1. Diagnostic initiatives that provide better access to early detection and an earlier start to treatment
  2. Medical and surgical procedures that offer less invasive treatments and shorten hospital stays for patients
  3. Compassionate and leading-edge inpatient care that promotes patient healing

Each of these funding opportunities, from diagnostic to surgical to inpatient care, represents a critical need for OTMH. With the generous support of our donors, together we will continue to raise healthcare in Oakville to an even higher level.

To support our annual commitment to the OTMH, funds are raised through a variety of means including major gifts, direct mail, telemarketing, a staff and physician appeal, special events and support from numerous community partners.

For information about the Oakville Hospital Foundation, please see the links below:

The Ideal Candidate

Excited about the potential for the Foundation, the ideal candidate will be a creative strategist who brings strong professional fundraising experience to the role. The successful candidate will be a donor-centred leader who understands the challenges and realities of fundraising in a post-campaign environment.

Focused on growing our Foundation in parallel with community growth, the CEO will possess an innovative mindset and strong cultural competence. As our lead major gift fundraiser, the new incumbent will be an exceptional networker who gets out and connects with people to keep our hospital, and our needs, top of mind in the community.

The successful candidate will bring strong organizational skills and strong follow through. A determined go-getter, the CEO will plan the work and work the plan to ensure that goals are realized. The new incumbent will provide a clear vision and clear expectations for individuals and for the team as a whole.  Motivating and inspiring, the CEO will encourage autonomy and accountability, and will empower staff to move forward towards their goals.

Dependable and trustworthy, the CEO will foster a supportive and respectful environment. The successful candidate will be a transparent communicator who will keep the team informed. Inclusive and approachable, the CEO will proactively seek and listen to ideas and input from others.  The ideal candidate will be assertive and democratic, and will recognize that the best ideas and solutions come from engaging others.

The CEO will care deeply about the team, and will appreciate the unique talents and contributions of each team member. A strong mentor and coach, the successful candidate will provide development opportunities for staff, and will encourage professional and personal growth.

The new incumbent will also serve as a guide, mentor, and sounding board for our lead volunteers. Able to engage and energize the Board of Directors, the CEO will keep the Board informed and involved, and will support them in all of their efforts.

The ideal candidate will be a highly collaborative person who welcomes hospital partnership and engagement. The CEO will enjoy interacting with physicians, staff, and patients and their families. Authentic and personable, the successful candidate will possess strong people skills, including warmth, flexibility, tact, humour, and excellent judgement.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Accountable to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, the CEO will be responsible for:


  • Works with the Board to ensure there is a robust and reliable governance framework, principles, policies and practices to support Directors discharge their duties with confidence.
  • Supports and works with the Chair of the Board of Directors to ensure that the Board and its members have a clear understanding of their role and how they contribute to the success of the Foundation.
  • Provides support and knowledge to the Board and strategic direction for the Foundation.
  • Serves as Secretary of the Foundation.
  • Supports the Board in Foundation Board development.

Strategic Planning

  • Ensures that stakeholders' expectations of the Foundation are well understood and where reasonable that those expectations drive the strategy, operational priorities and resourcing of the organization.
  • Together with the Board of Directors, creates a visionary and focused plan and innovative strategies to achieve the Foundation’s mission, goals and significant revenue targets, in service to its key stakeholders.
  • Ensures the plan provides for continuous evaluation including feedback from stakeholders, and input from Foundation staff and Hospital partners.
  • Plans and oversees the implementation of any internal and external communications processes for the Foundation including the enhancement of its profile within the community as well as fosters and maximizes collaboration with current and potential partners.
  • Inspires a culture of innovation in philanthropy, leading the team in strategic thinking that differentiates OHF in a competitive fundraising landscape.
  • Uses the strategic plan to provide leadership and direction, and sets operational goals with clear targets, and provide a basis to evaluate results across all operational areas.

Team Leadership

  • Excites, energizes and leads the organization forward, ensuring the necessary structures and systems are in place to achieve the Foundation’s goals.
  • Ensures that the Foundation has a skilled and sustainable workforce to carrying out the strategic and operational priorities.
  • Develops and implements an organizational model for the Foundation that builds teams who are fully engaged in the operational and strategic goals of the Foundation.
  • Works with the Foundation team, providing education and training opportunities to ensure that they have the skills and resources to achieve goals as established by the strategic plan.
  • Provides directional leadership, ensuring that the right culture, structures, systems and opportunities exist to effectively use and grow the talents of the existing team and to attract and retain the best teams and staff for the future.
  • Promotes and facilitates a culture that encourages responsible, open, transparent and effective communication throughout the organization.

Fundraising & Donor Communications

  • Leads the strategic development of fundraising programs, ensuring an innovative and highly functioning, integrated development plan.
  • Provides strategic oversight of all aspects of annual giving, major giving, capital campaigns, and planned giving.
  • Serves as the Chief Development Officer for the Foundation, maintaining active involvement in fundraising activities.
  • Carries a portfolio of major gift prospects, working closely with Board members and Physicians in cultivation, stewardship, and solicitation of prospective donors.
  • Ensures that stewardship programs and activities at the Foundation foster a positive ongoing relationship with current donors through transparency and effective communication, inspiring ongoing philanthropic support and general goodwill.
  • Works with senior management of the Hospital to ensure that the marketing and communications strategies of the Foundation and Hospital are aligned, fostering a mutually supportive relationship and effectively representing both organizations to the public, donors and prospects.
  • Participates in media relations activities.

Financial Planning and Oversight

  • Ensures that the Foundation has a viable and sustainable financial plan and sufficient resources to deliver the organization's strategic priorities.
  • Supervises and monitors all aspects of financial management and business operations of the Foundation, providing regular reports on expenses, revenue and grants/disbursements.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

  • Maintains an up-to-date inventory of compliance requirements.
  • Ensures that compliance requirements are met.
  • Provides regular assurance to the Board of Directors that the organization is in compliance with all of its requirements and where necessary develops remedial actions to ensure they remain so.
  • Works with the Board to establish and maintain an up-to-date inventory of risks deemed to have material impact on the organization.
  • Together with the Board develops strategies and action plans to mitigate the known and manageable risks.
  • Provides regular assurance to the Board of Directors that the organization is doing its best to minimize exposure that could be caused to the organization by known and manageable risks.

Internal Systems and Processes

  • Ensures that the Foundation has robust and reliable internal systems and processes (including IS and IT) that enable the organization and its people to carry out their duties in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Leads organizational change.
  • Leads the daily operations of the Foundation ensuring that approved plans are implemented.
  • Maintains appropriate internal controls.

For More Information

KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) has been retained to conduct this executive search on behalf of the Oakville Hospital Foundation.  Interested individuals are invited to contact Tara George, Senior Vice President at for more information about this leadership opportunity.

To view the full Executive Brief please visit:

Candidates who are interested in pursuing this opportunity should send a resume and letter of interest to the email address listed above by April 3, 2017.  All inquiries and applications will be held in strict confidence.