Posted On: 2017-04-05
Closing On: 2017-04-27
Location: Toronto, ON
Employment Type: Full-Time
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Job Description

The Opportunity

We are seeking an inspiring, collaborative and, seasoned fund development and marketing professional to serve as Chief Fundraising & Marketing Officer (CFMO) for the Alzheimer Society of Canada.  The CFMO will be responsible for leading and managing all aspects of an integrated fund development, marketing and communications function to enable the achievement of strategic goals consistent with the Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC) is one of 11 partner Societies who operate together as a fully federated organization, in terms of governance and operations, and work together at the highest level as the CEO Council.  The CFMO will bring a service-oriented and consensus-building approach to working with the CEO Council to develop national strategies to capitalize on significant growth opportunities in fundraising and awareness.

Reporting to the CEO with six direct reports and an overall team of 14, the CFMO will also lead all ASC fundraising and marketing activities executed directly by the national Society.  This position will be based at the ASC office in Toronto.


About The Alzheimer Society of Canada

The Alzheimer Society of Canada is a national, voluntary, non-profit, bilingual health charity whose members are provincial Alzheimer societies.  The national Society, along with its provincial partners, play an important role in advocating for public policy that supports programs and initiatives to help people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.  The ASC also supports research to find a cause and cure for dementia.  As well, ASC’s knowledge translation and exchange plays an important role in supporting caregivers and persons with dementia throughout the course of the disease.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive, degenerative disease.  Over 560,000 Canadians currently have dementia, and according to experts this number will increase to almost a million by 2031. 

Our Vision - Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Our Mission - The Alzheimer Society of Canada identifies, develops, and facilitates national priorities that enable its members to effectively alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, promotes research, and leads the search for a cure.

Our Values - Our values are “CARE: Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.”

Our Guiding Principles - In all of our publications and communications, we use person-centered language and support the following principles:

  1. Dignity and respect: To create positive conditions where the person can live without fear of shame or ridicule; where people are treated with warmth and authenticity; listened to without judgment; and are given opportunity for self-determination and self-expression.
  2. Acceptance and understanding: To accept each person with unconditional positive regard; to accept behaviour as a form of communication which expresses unmet needs or emotions; and to assist the person to continue to enjoy basic personal freedoms.
  3. Relationships: To support and preserve present relationships; to support the person in the development of other positive relationships.
  4. Recognition and individuality: To recognize the individuality of each person with their own unique life experiences, personality, values, beliefs, and opinions; to have these factors respected and incorporated in support planning.
  5. Relationships of trust: To provide the conditions necessary to satisfy fundamental needs and create a climate for personal realization by providing a relationship based on trust.  In a relationship of trust the person knows confidences are respected; choice and control is maintained; and the person will not be abandoned.

Forget Me Not symbol - The Alzheimer Society uses the “Forget Me Not” flower as a symbol to represent memory loss, one of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  It is also a reminder to remember people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and their caregivers.  The three flowers in the symbol represent the person with dementia, the caregiver, and the Alzheimer Society.

Fundraising & Marketing 

The ASC works collaboratively with the provincial Societies to set the strategic direction for fundraising and marketing priorities.  As Federation partners, the provinces conduct their own fundraising events, individual major gift fundraising, local corporate partnerships, and secure provincial government funding.  The national Society provides support for these functions in the areas of marketing and communications collateral, database management, stewardship, digital marketing, website, and e-giving.

The ASC also manages and implements national fundraising activities including direct mail, national corporate and foundation relations, endowments, planned giving, and federal government support.  In 2015 -16, the ASC raised over $12 million in revenue from public, corporate, and government support.

The ASC leads the development of marketing and communications strategies, including brand management, digital strategies, and public and media relations, while provincial partners lead the execution of these strategies.


Key Areas of Responsibility 

Strategic Accountabilities

  • As a member of the senior leadership team, participate in the development, execution and achievement of ASC’s strategic plan.
  • Lead the development of an integrated fund development, marketing and communications strategy and the creation of a donor-centered culture.
  • Act as a resource for the Federation Partners to enable the strongest performance possible across the Federation.

Fundraising & Donor Relations

  • Provide leadership as the chief fundraising strategist to the growth and stability of multifaceted revenue streams at the national, provincial and local levels.
  • Develop, execute and achieve the fund development plan and performance goals aligned with ASC’s overall strategy and mandate.
  • Lead the development team in all areas including corporate sponsorships/gifts, foundation requests, federal government grants, endowments, planned giving, etc lead the evaluation, strategic direction and operational process of the Annual Program and deliver the program for partners.
  • Develop effective relationships with ASC’s senior volunteers and with other staff and volunteer leaders from across the Federation. Create new mechanisms to engage senior volunteers, as required, in supporting fund development initiatives.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of an integrated stewardship strategy.
  • Work with government, corporate and foundation prospects on all aspects of the development cycle to secure funding and steward supporters.
  • Support the provincial Societies in their fundraising efforts, including Annual Program

Marketing & Communications

  • Provide leadership as the chief marketing and communications strategist to increase awareness and engagement at the national, provincial and local levels.
  • Develop, execute and achieve the marketing and communications plan and performance goals aligned with ASC’s overall strategy and mandate.
  • Lead the marketing and communications team in developing an integrated plan (including digital marketing plan incorporating social media and web; marketing and brand; public and media relations; issues management; e-giving) and ensuring that it meets the needs of Federation partners on an ongoing basis.
  • Collaborate with senior team members, local and provincial colleagues to ensure a consistent, integrated, high impact approach to positioning the value and brand of the Alzheimer Society of Canada and its Federation partners.
  • Lead the development of an integrated brand platform that will increase awareness and support strategy, including promotions, advertising and communications.
  • Lead the creation of a communications strategy and crucial media relations activities to strategically situate the Society with key stakeholders.
  • Lead the relationship with the Agency of Record and ongoing evaluation of all creative material.
  • Represent ASC’s brand in a professional manner consistent with the values of the organization in all external dealings.

People Accountabilities

  • Work with the senior leadership team to establish and exemplify the desired culture.
  • Lead and operate in a manner that promotes, and is aligned with, ASC’s Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • As a leader and mentor, encourage and foster a collaborative, transparent and service-oriented environment within the Marketing & Communications and Fund Development teams, across other ASC departments and with its Federation partners in a   manner consistent with ASC’s culture.
  • Understand and fully execute ASC’s HR processes – staffing/recruitment, performance management, coaching/mentoring, compensation and talent development to:
    • Attract, hire and retain the best talent – build a high performing team.
    • Ensure direct reports have clear understanding of what is expected of them (roles, accountabilities and performance objectives) and the tools and skills required to do their work.
  • Ensure the overall engagement, retention, productivity, and bench strength of the team.

Operations & Financial Accountabilities

  • Lead and support the development, implementation and continuous improvement of:
    • Fund development, marketing and communications policies and procedures; and
    • Fund development, marketing and communications programs, services and systems.
  • Oversee management of external providers to ensure high level of value and alignment with strategic and operational goals.
  • Lead and support the fund development, marketing and communications teams in achieving all key performance standards.
  • Regularly report on Key Performance Indicators and the progress towards annual goals; implement mitigation strategies where necessary.
  • Ensure the operations of the department are in accordance with organization policies and procedures as well as compliance with federal and provincial legislation, CRA, regulations and standards, as required.
  • Ensure fund development, marketing and communications practices and systems are leading-edge and optimal for ASC’s needs.
  • Stay current with fund development, marketing and communications best practices and make recommendations based on the impact to ASC of changing external environment factors (competitive, regulatory, technical, etc.).
  • Understand and follow ASC’s financial processes.
  • Develop annual fund development and marketing operating plan and budget and manage the department within the approved budget.
  • Drive efficiencies to ensure maximum effective utilization of resources.


Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate

Candidates will be expected to exhibit a majority of the following qualifications:

Experience and Background

  • Significant leadership experience in Fund Development, Marketing and Communications.
  • Experience working in multi-layered, complex, federated/matrixed organizations.
  • Proven leadership experience and abilities in progressively senior related positions. More specifically, proven ability to develop and implement a successful strategic fundraising plan and marketing plan with specific stretch goals as well as integrate that plan into an overall organizational planning process, setting operational goals in alignment with Board policy and direction.
  • Understanding of the not-for-profit sector is required for this position:
    • Previous experience in a health-related and/or research-focused organization would be an asset.
    • Previous experience working in an agency or in Consumer Packaged Goods at a senior level would be an asset.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • In-depth knowledge of the Canadian fund development environment and expert knowledge of fund development (direct marketing, peer-to-peer fundraising events, corporate sponsorship, planned giving, etc.) and marketing and communications (brand management, public and media relations, issues management).
  • Commitment to evidence-informed planning and development of recommendations.
  • Previous experience in rebranding and/or brand promotion for a high profile charity including a digital marketing strategy.
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain internal relationships within a complex multi-unit organization structure.
  • Strong leader and people manager – demonstrated ability to set direction, lead and drive change in an organization and to create a highly engaged team.
  • Able to mobilize individual commitment and build collaborative teams within and among various divisions.
  • Demonstrates personal character aligned with the values of the Alzheimer Society.
  • Able to leverage resources throughout the organization and across the Federation to achieve results.
  • Committed to excellence, continuous improvement and lifelong learning.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication abilities; diplomacy, ability to navigate turf battles and institutional politics.
  • Ability to demonstrate creativity and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial approach with commitment to being a team builder.
  • Fluently bilingual (French/English) is an asset.
  • Able to occasionally travel across Canada to meet with donors and federated partners.
  • Driver’s license and access to a vehicle required.
  • University degree is required, and masters-level education is preferred but not essential.

Key Competencies

Client Service Orientation

  • Focuses efforts on discovering and meeting client needs and public expectations;
  • Responsive to the needs of partners and clients, and encourages staff at ASC to be responsive.


  • Engages with staff and partners to translate strategic priorities and goals into action;
  • Understands how to think strategically while acting tactically;
  • Leverages the ideas, experience, and skills of staff, board, and stakeholders in relation to the developing and executing plans;
  • Engenders trust by being open, honest, and by following up on commitments;
  • Adept at building, maintaining working relationships and understands that co-operation works best when trust is earned;
  • Expresses an objective clearly, excites others to the potential, and motivates them to want to be a part of the process.

Change Management

  • Understands change management, motivates others to see the change as an opportunity;
  • Supportive and caring leader who uses positivity and encouragement to help others manage through the discomfort that naturally accompanies an intense change process;
  • Recognizes that diversity of opinion provides opportunity for innovative thinking as well as the potential for conflict.

Political Savvy

  • Reads the organization and the people accurately;
  • Good knowledge of Canada and its regional disparities.

Skilled Negotiator

  • Can understand, appreciate, and articulate both sides of a disagreement;
  • Brings parties to a mutually satisfactory compromise on contentious issues.

High Energy & Positive Attitude

  • Believes that goals can be achieved and situations improved;
  • Enthused by the opportunity to ‘roll up sleeves’ and get the job done.

Calculated Risk Taker

  • Willingness to take reasoned, tough decisions;
  • Understands that one takes risks to achieve large goals;
  • Analyzes, decides, acts;
  • Doesn’t gamble with assets or reputation.

High Integrity & Ethics

  • Decisions and actions reflects a sound internal moral compass and the Federation’s shared values;
  • Acts consistently in an honest and ethical manner holding self and team accountable to the organization and the public;
  • Willingness to hold others to a common standard and mutually reinforcing set of behaviors;
  • Trusting as well as trustworthy.


  • Assesses, decides, acts in an organized fashion;
  • Translates strategy into action plans with well-defined goals; communicates expectations clearly.

Passion for the Mission

  • May have personal experience with or knowledge of the disease;
  • Passionate about and committed to changing the landscape regarding Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Application Process

KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.) has been retained to conduct this search on behalf the Alzheimer Society of Canada.  For more information about this leadership opportunity, interested candidates are invited to contact Sandra Taylor, Senior Search Consultant or Tara George, Senior Vice President by email at

To view the full Position Brief, click here.

Resume and letter of interest are requested to be submitted to the email address listed above by April 27, 2017.  All inquiries and applications will be held in strict confidence