Volunteering with AFP Greater Toronto Chapter is a special benefit available only to current members. Please complete our short application form, and we will work to match you with a position that best suits your personal interests and experience.


AFP Mentor Program Application Form 2019

AFP Mentor Program Guidelines 2019


The Benefits of Mentoring

You aspire to be a great fundraiser.You have a new position in the profession, a donor database, some professional development courses under your belt, and endless enthusiasm, but you have never so much as asked for a donation. One of the ways you can enhance and develop your skills is by pairing with an experienced professional fundraiser as part of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Mentor Partnership Program.

The general public and board members are concurrently seeking to raise the standards and expectations of the professional fundraiser. It is essential to the growth of the profession that seasoned fundraisers give back to the profession through guiding and advising the “newcomers”. This practice maintains high standards and facilitates the practice of effective and ethical fundraising.

When “new” fundraisers phone to ask about membership and the benefits, one of the first questions asked is “What can you do to support me as a fundraiser new to the industry?” The Mentor Partnership program is designed to support and encourage new fundraisers by utilizing the experience and leadership of the Chapter’s Members.



Mentoring is a mechanism to articulate and share the genius of teaching.



It is AFP Greater Toronto Chapter’s intention to re-establish a mentoring program to help the novice fundraiser to grow professionally with guidance from a seasoned fundraiser. The Mentor Partnership Program offers a unique opportunity for relatively new fundraisers to be matched with seasoned fundraisers who have the experience, skills and knowledge offer advice and provide one-on-one mentoring.




  • A senior professional with a minimum of six years of fundraising experience.
  • A member in good standing of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter.


  • A fundraising professional with three years or less experience.
  • A member in good standing of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter.



The Mentor is responsible to making the initial contact with the Partner.  A face-to-face visit is recommended to determine at the outset of the relationship in which specific areas of fundraising the partner needs guidance.

The Mentor is encouraged to introduce the newcomer to the resources available in the community and encourage the attendance at AFP Greater Toronto Chapter events.

The Mentors and Partners will meet as a group at least once a year on an occasion specifically designed for the Mentor Partnership Program.



The relationship is meant to be career specific and is not to be used or construed in any way as a consulting relationship. Mentors are encouraged to recommend appropriate resources i.e. courses, workshops, educational opportunities, vendors or consultants. We recommend the Mentor and Partner advise their employer they intend to participate in the Program. Mentors and Partners will respect some of the information they share about their organizations is confidential in nature.



The matches will be made throughout the year. An advisory Mentoring Committee will be available to assist the Chapter Director with the matches. The Chapter Director will make calls to both the Partner and Mentor 3 and 6 months into the program to ensure that the relationship is still ongoing.

The efficacy of mentoring is linked to the amount of time that a Mentor and Partner work together. The time involvement of the partnership should be a minimum of one hour per month in any configuration, i.e. face-to-face, phone call, or e-mail.

The proximity of Mentor/Partner will be taken into consideration when matches are made so that every effort can be made to meet face-to-face.  Everyone is extremely busy but it is important to maintain a dialogue whether it be face-to-face, phone call or email.


Time Frame

The partnership will be reviewed after three months after which the relationship can be continued or ended. The partnership will be a minimum of one year.