Demonstrate Your Organization’s Commitment to Ethical Fundraising

Large Nonprofit Organizational Membership

AFP’s Nonprofit Organizational Memberships champion effective and ethical fundraising, promote philanthropy and charitable giving and grow the fundraising profession. A Nonprofit Organizational Membership will provide long-term value to the profession through broader representation in our public policy initiatives. Nonprofit Organizational Membership also brings public recognition of an organization’s commitment to foster ethical standards and professionalism in fundraising.


Small Nonprofit Membership

AFP Membership Just for You!

AFP’s got your back.

You’re a small nonprofit and you have big plans. You’ve made a big commitment—and you’re making a big difference every day, on what often feels like a shoestring budget.

At the Association of Fundraising Professionals we understand that you have to justify every dollar you spend. That’s why we’ve just launched the new AFP Small Nonprofit Membership for just $150 a year.

And to show you our value, we’d like to offer you one of our most requested publications, “Building an Effective Board of Directors”. Think you can’t afford AFP? Let us show you all the reasons you can’t afford not to join—including networking, education, webinars and resources you can’t get anywhere else.

AFP Membership: a big advantage for small nonprofits…like yours. 

Interested in learning more or starting the process toward the Nonprofit Organizational or Small Organization Membership? Contact Matthew, Membership Coordinator 416-941-9212   Click here to open an editable NPO Large Join Form.

Your Large Nonprofit Organizational Membership Benefits 

Designated Professional members as part of your Nonprofit Organizational Membership receive all AFP member benefits provided:

Discounts for Designated Professional Members:

Your Small Nonprofit Organizational Membership Benefits 

A Nonprofit Organizational Membership may designate one person to receive the following AFP member benefits:

Discounts for Small Nonprofit Organizational Members: