Congress 2013

Opening New Markets: International Alumni and Diaspora Communities – Celeste Bannon Waterman,KCI (Ketchum Canada), Doug Norris Ph.D., Environics Analytics, Grant Stirling Ph.D., SickKids Foundation

Fundraising Day 2012

Demystifying Fundraising in Ethno-Cultural Markets – Justin Poy, The Justin Poy Agency

Congress 2011

Fundraising Through a Different Lens – Alice Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE, GoalBusters Consulting LLC

Cultivating Strategic Relationship With New Immigrant Communities + Part 2 Part 3 – Maureen Brown, DiversityTrainersPlus Inc. 

Building Bridges to Diverse Ethnic Communities – Nicole Nakoneshny, KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc.)

Congress 2010

Your Community’s Diversity Profile – A Strategic Tool in Your Fundraising Kit + parts 2 + 3 – Maureen Brown, DiversityTrainersPlus Inc. 

Big World – Shared Profession: Fundraising Across Eight Countries & Three Languages – Denny Smith, Ph.D., CFRE International

Fundraising Day 2010

Women in Philanthropy – Avon MacFarlane, The Offord Group 

Intergenerational Fundraising: Appealing to the Hearts and Minds of Familial Philanthropists

DiverseCity on Board – Marilyn Emery, Women’s College Hospital

Congress 2009

Cultural Competence: Your Success Depends On It – DiversiPro

Intergrating Diversity as a Strategic Priority: The Benefits for Fundraising at the YMCA of Greater Toronto – Midé Akerewusi, Selene Hur & Mridula Joyner, CFRE, YMCA of Greater Toronto