Fundraising Day 2014

Engaging the Next Generation of Philanthropists: SickKids Innovators – Katie Graham and Colin Hennigar

Congress 2013

Writing for Results – Tom Ahern, Ahern Donor Communications, Ink.

Fast, Free and Finished: Creating Great Online Video – Jim Anderson, GoalBusters Consulting, LLC

Diversifying Your Donor Base – Judith E. Nichols, Ph.D., CFRE, New Directions in Philanthropy

Storytelling: Communicating Your Mission with Infectious Passion – Jim Anderson, GoalBusters Consulting, LLC

Live Your Meme – Wahn Yoon, Wunderkind

5 Things I Learned at Congress That Can Help You Double Your Revenue – Brian Hobbs, Conservation Halton Foundation

Newsletters: Why Some Succeed Beyond Anyone’s Wildest Dreams (Yet Most Drive Donors Away) – Tom Ahern, Ahern Donor Communications, Ink.

Congress 2011

Media Monitoring Made Easy: A How-To Guide to Getting the Latest Scoop Delivered to Your Virtual Doorstep – Liz Rejman, CFRE, London Health Sciences Foundation 

How to Engage With Internal Audiences – Shona Nicholson, University of Oxford

Maintaining a Stellar Public Image – Kate Lazier and Amanda Stacey, Miller Thomson LLP

How We Shot Ourselves in the Foot: The Public Perception of Fundraising – Gail Picco

How to Successfully Leverage Media to Deliver a Record-Breaking First Year Fundraising – Andrea Swinton, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

The Evolution of a Winning Control – Sonya Swiridjuk, CFRE

With a Little Help From Your Friends: Peer-to Peer Marketing for Non-Profit – Jackson Wightman, Proper Propaganda

They Blinded Me With Science: How to Turn Complicated Programs Into Compelling Cases – Jessie Sitnick, World Wildlife Fund and Trevor Zimmer, Princess Margaret Hospital 

How to Break Down the Silos – Managing Integrated Fundraising – Geoffrey W. Peters, CDR Fundraising Group

Fundraising Day 2011

The Not-So-Secret Tips to Raising More Money: Step One, Meet with More People (Parts I & II) – Angela Murphy and Colin Hennigar, SickKids Foundation

Congress 2011

Translating Public Awareness Into Targeted Appeals – Graeme Page, George Brown College Foundation

Love Thy Reader: The Science & Secrets of Effective Fundraising Communications + part 2 – Tom Ahern, Ahern Donor Communications, Ink.

Congress 2009

Direct Response Copy: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Sonya Swiridjuk, CFRE

Developing a Fantastic Fundraising Brand – Ruth Ruderham, Christian Aid

Building a Dynamic Marketing Communications Strategy and Plan – Susan Sommers, Susan Sommers & Associates