Fundraising Day 2014

Move Over Olivia Newton-John, Let’s Get Digital… Digital – Jason Shim

Congress 2013

Crowdfunding: When and How to Use It – Robert C. Osborne,The Osborne Group, Inc.

Big Donations on Small Screens: How to Go Mobile – Philip King, MBA, Cornerstone Group of Companies 

Web Rules 2013 – 20 Best Practices for a Charity Website – Fraser Green, CFRE, Good Works, Todd Jamieson,, Holly Wagg, CFRE, Good Works

Digital Transformation at the ROM – Graham Covington, Engaging Networks and Martha Henderson, Royal Ontario Museum

Is Return on Engagement the New Return on Investment? – Maria Ros Jernberg, Swedish Fundraising Association (FRII)

Online Success Strategies, Tools and Trade Secrets – Ted Hart, ACFRE, Charities Aid Foundation of America

Congress 2011

Hands-on Social Media – Leah Eustace, CFRE, Good Works

Fundraising Day 2011

Best Practices for Effective Personal Communication in a Digital Culture – Dr. Teresa Pierce, University of Ontario Institute of Technology 

Congress 2010

Social Networking and Online Fundraising Success – Ted Hart, ACFRE,

“I Will Follow You Forever More, That’s What Friends Are For”: Facebook and Twitter Essentials – Nicci Noble, CFRE, Noble Services, L.L.C

Lay Your Hands on Me: A Hands-on Tutorial for the Social Media Starter – Laurie Pringle

Cause Marketing 2.0: Innovate to Grow Your Success – Jocelyne Daw, JS Daw & Associates

Fundraising Day 2010

Going Digital: Online Fundraising in the New Technology Age – Taslim Somani, Stephen Thomas Ltd. and Michael Fuhrmann, United Way Toronto

Workshops 2010

MSF Social Media Guidelines for Field and Office Staff

Congress 2009

Social Networking and Online Fundraising Success – Ted Hart, ACFRE,

How Tweet It Is to Have a Friend Like You: Friendraising in the Age of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Whatever Else It Is That Just Came Out Yesterday – Nicci Noble, CFRE, Noble Services, L.L.C