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Categories: Direct Mail, Marketing & Communications, Mid-level giving , Planned Giving

Contact: Marlena McCarthy, President; AFP & CAGP Member, President Email:

Address: Toronto, ON Telephone: 416-699-0536

We work with Canadian charities, specializing in direct mail, donor communications, mid-level donor programs, and planned giving promotion. Founded in 1999, Done Write Communications tells your charity’s story in creative and empathetic ways, that also adheres to fundraising best practices. We make your donors feel valued, look forward to hearing from you next, and love playing a growing role in your work during their lifetime and through legacy gifts after they are gone.

For more than 130 charities, Done Write has written direct mail appeals for more than 135 charities, often managing complete DM programs, providing strategy and analysis, writing and art, and production coordination.

Done Write mine your hidden gems – your mid-level donors, and pull them closer to your charity using a cost-effective direct mail-based program. We will build stronger and more fulfilling relationships with these loyal donors, which result in more frequent and larger gifts, and sometimes legacy gifts.

Done Write can turn your donor communications and marketing efforts into solid stewardship vehicles that can become new sources of income. We’re experts in donor newsletters, videos, and content for websites and social media.

President Marlena McCarthy has expertise in creating effective planned giving marketing materials that generate legacy donor leads, and steward expectancies to help them maintain committed to their gift. As a leading expert on using insurance as charitable gifts, Marlena has co-authored the only books on the topic:  Multiplying Generosity for fundraisers, and Ripple Effect for financial advisors.

If you’re interested in strengthening your donors’ connection to your cause to increase your charity’s impact on your mission, let’s talk.