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AFP Greater Toronto Chapter 2021 Mission

Headshot of Amy Pawluk, President of AFP Toronto

As the Chapter’s 2020-2022 President, I am pleased to announce some of my key areas of focus for this year. This message also serves to reassure our members that despite the unprecedented year we have all faced and the unpredictable year ahead, that the AFP Toronto Board is committed to developing programming and resources that provide true value to our members as they navigate this new world in fundraising.

To ensure that we are held to the standards expected of a professional association and that of our members, all board members participated in an unconscious bias training at the start of the year and from that we have imbedded IDEA principles in each of our Board Chair’s workplans so that we can all hold each other accountable.

Our Board is and has been in active and continuous dialogues about how we can work – using IDEA principles – to eradicate systemic racism in our sector. We recognize that systemic racism cannot be obliterated with one policy or change and so as part of our on-going commitment, we want to announce that as of June 1, 2021, all organizations will be required to list their pay scale for jobs posted on our job board.

Leading up to June 1, we will be offering an educational series to support our members as we transition to more wage transparency and our policy on listing salary ranges. This series will address the “WHY?” and the “HOW?”

  • WHY: Why it is important to take these steps as a sector; why it impacts diversity and inclusion as a whole, and why it is important to the larger goal of equity, anti-racism, and decreasing the wage gap.
  • HOW: The HOWs of implementing this policy in large, medium, small, new, or old organizations. We also hope to be able to provide mentors willing to share their time with organizations that are looking to make this change but need some support to do so.

Though we acknowledge that this action is only part of various stages in the recruitment process, our Board remains committed to doing its part in advancing the call for an end to systemic discrimination and biases that occur in the hiring process.

Additionally, we are looking at how we, as an association, can optimize value for our members, taking into consideration the new needs many face due to job loss or budget cuts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also recognize that our members need our support and resources now more than ever. We want to be able to offer support systems and resources for charities and individual members that have been drastically impacted over the last year. That is why we are working on developing additional mentorship programs, providing free offers to our professional development programs, and reducing the cost to our events to allow for more accessibility, as we did for Congress 2020.

We have also, together with our new Executive Director, been evaluating how the association has changed and taking a closer look at the resources needed for success and meeting the needs of our members in 2021, and beyond.

Our Association, like many other charities, is heavily reliant on events for revenue and has been negatively impacted in this regard over the past year. Thus, our Board is also looking into new revenue generation opportunities and has developed a task force with specific responsibilities for exploring these. We are also taking a look at our existing sponsorship model for areas that we can improve and opportunities that we can expand.

Our Chapter recognizes that a lot has changed over the past year and so we are taking a hard look at our resources and programming, so that we can provide the support and greatest value to our members and member organizations as we all navigate this new world together.


Amy Pawluk, CFRE

President, AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Board of Director (2020-2022)

Chief Operating Officer, Blakely