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IDEA Audit Report

June 9, 2022 – TORONTO

The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter (AFP-GTC) is recognized as the largest of the more than 240 AFP chapters globally. It is seen as a leader in promoting philanthropy and providing education, training, and best practices to fundraising professionals. With a mission to empower individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising and a vision to stimulate a world of generosity and positive social good: inclusivity is one of its core guiding principles. AFP-GTC aims to reflect the diversity of the communities it serves, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

We are committed to this work and are taking concrete action to understand and eliminate barriers to inclusion, particularly for those disproportionately impacted in Black, Indigenous and other historically marginalized communities, including women, 2SLGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities. As the largest AFP chapter in the world, working within one of the most diverse cities in the world, we see tremendous possibilities when inclusion works, and we take pride in being a leader in advancing meaningful change.

Our commitment to acknowledge and address discrimination and systemic racism, and to promote social justice is a multi-year journey, focused on 3-5 priority commitments annually. This journey starts with an Audit of the current culture and organization. Renowned educator and leading IDEA consultant, Dr. Notisha Massaquoi, was brought on board in the Summer of 2021 to help guide and advise the Board as we deliberated on actions to create sustainable and meaningful change. Dr. Massaquoi organized and facilitated forums and individual interviews for the volunteers, staff, and current and past board members, with a special focus on those within our community who identified as Black.

To those who chose to participate, we thank you for having courageous and honest conversations.

As promised, we are sharing our journey with transparency by first publicly releasing the recommendations of the Audit that was completed in December 2021, which highlights the work that has been done and acknowledges the work that needs to be done by AFP-GTC.

We recognize that this work requires deep reflection and examination of our systems, structures, and ourselves. The AFP-GTC Board is committed to updating and sharing the plan with members annually.