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    Across AFP Globally and Locally within the GTA – Beyond Services: Being the Voice of the Unheard (AFP Global)


    As part of the AFP family and on behalf of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter, I want to echo the words and sentiments of Mike Geiger “fundraisers are the voice of those who are not heard. And that point has never been more important than now.”

    We all represent different organizations and causes but we must all recognize that racism exists, has existed for far too long and we must come together to fight to end these tragedies and the continued heartbreak.

    The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter is committed to our AFP inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) priorities and support efforts across AFP globally with projects such as the recent Our Right to Heal, highlighting the challenges that black women face every day. Thank you to our members and others who contributed to this important project and to our collective continued efforts to eliminate racism and move forward respectfully.

    As we move into our 2020-21 Board and Committee cycle, the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter will focus efforts from staff, Board and volunteers on continuing to include IDEA in our discussions, event planning and initiatives. We fully support combating anti-black racism within our sector and communities and we are committed to continue evolving the Chapter’s work to support our members from all racialized communities.

    The tragic deaths of George Floyd and too many others under these circumstances must stop. We must work together as fundraisers and non-profit professionals, as informed citizens, and as role models to future generations to end these tragedies and institutional and blatant racism.

    As a bi-racial woman growing up in Toronto, I felt personally the sadness and impact of racism my mother experienced coming to Canada and adjusting to life here. The violence, trauma, stress and overall negative impact and inequities experienced by black and other racialized individuals needs to end.


    Penny Connors
    Executive Director, AFP Greater Toronto Chapter