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    Announcing the all-new AFP Greater Toronto Chapter 2019-2023 Strategic Plan

    As your Chapter President, I am excited to announce the launch of our new 2019-2023 Chapter Strategic Plan.


    It is a privilege to work with such an outstanding organization and I am excited by the opportunities that lie ahead. As a professional association, AFP is accountable to its members and those in the sector that we aim to serve. It is important for us to continue to define and measure our impact through the value we bring to you, our members. I am confident that our new Strategic Plan highlights and more clearly defines this value, providing an enriched path forward for our organization.


    Developing the Strategic Plan has been a comprehensive and collaborative process, and from early on, we’ve made a commitment to ensuring all members have had an opportunity to feed into the Strategic Plan and provide their feedback and insights. AFP members had early opportunities to participate through an online survey as well as an in-person Town Hall forum. We’ve also connected with members through one-on-one discussions and both formal and informal group conversations. Your Board leveraged and integrated all feedback thoroughly into a very fulsome planning process and as a result, we have developed a very ambitious Strategic Plan to be actioned on over the next 5 years.


    We are proud to unveil the final iteration of the Strategic Plan and invite you to review and download a copy here.


    Included in the Strategic Plan, are 5 established goals that each come with their own objectives to be actioned on by the Board of Directors, AFP staff, and our dedicated committee teams and volunteers.

    The 5 established goals are:

    1. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (IDEA) – Attract, serve and retain a membership that is representative of the diversity of our community and those served by our work.
    2. Member Experience –  Achieve greater satisfaction among both current members and new members.
    3. Incubation & Acceleration – Become the incubator and accelerator for ideas about fundraising and philanthropy for the AFP family.
    4. Image & Reputation – Fundraising is valued as a profession and professional fundraisers remain in the field.
    5. Organizational Health – Build a high performing & sustainable organization.


    Through the implementation of these goals, we hope to further engage you, our members, in new ways, to expand our reach, and exceed expectations. Most of all,through the Strategic Plan, we will seek to define and communicate our impact even more effectively in the coming years.


    Your enthusiasm and commitment to the Chapter is supported and appreciated by our dedicated Board of Directors. As a Board, we understand that many of our members are interested in helping to ensure the betterment of the Chapter and, at the same time, interested in further developing their professional skills through volunteer committee work. In order to ensure we are able to execute on objectives and reach our goals within the Strategic Plan, the Board is currently assessing the present committee structure to ensure volunteers are adequately supported and able to effectively achieve our goals in order to move the Plan forward. Our volunteers are the backbone of our Chapter’s continued success and your commitment to AFP does not go unnoticed. It is because of you that our Chapter is one of the largest in the world and is recognized as an international leader in advancing philanthropy.


    As a Chapter, we are evolving and continuing to grow to reach new heights. I look forward to continue working with you to advance our work as an association, as well to advance the fundraising profession. I look forward to seeing where the Strategic Plan takes us and hope to connect with you at Chapter events in the New Year.


    The only way will be able to realize the ambition of our Strategic Plan is to have our members support its execution. We look forward to being in touch with you in the future around opportunities to engage in making this ambition a reality, so we can further the fundraising profession and charitable sector.



    Caroline Riseboro
    President, AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Board of Directors
    President & CEO, Plan International Canada