Understanding the New World of Virtual and Hybrid Events

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  The last few months have taken the world of events by storm, with some of us bravely adopting for virtual events during lockdown. As restrictions are slowly eased and we start planning to re-open, many are talking about hosting hybrid events going forward. But what does that event mean and how do you produce… Read more »

What is a Mid-level Giving Program, and Why Your Nonprofit Needs One

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Part One of Three This is the first post in a Three-Part Series on Mid-Level Giving for Nonprofits on #WiserWithWisely. This series will serve as your go-to guide to start and grow a mid-level giving program for your nonprofit. What is mid-level giving? If you work in fundraising you’ve probably heard the term mid-level giving… Read more »

Exclusive Podcast: Jesse Brown on After Digital Disruption: What Comes Next

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In a podcast teaser — just for you — Jesse sits down to give us an insight on what we can expect at Fundraising Day on June 1. Jesse also shares some very important thoughts on the current digital landscape, its rapid growth, where it is leading, and what this all might mean for our sector.   To tantalize your… Read more »

Call for Speakers – Congress 2021

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CONNECTED, WE THRIVE Let’s focus on connection – specifically the human connections that underpin our work and everyday lives. We’re looking for enthusiastic and compelling speakers from diverse backgrounds and identities to present reimagined perspectives to the topic at Congress 2021. We especially welcome content that challenges all of us to break down oppressive systems… Read more »

Volunteer Opportunity – Human Resources Professional

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Term: Minimum one year Start Date: April 1, 2021 Location: Toronto Responsible to: Executive Director and HR Committee Chair The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter is a recognized leader in promoting philanthropy and providing education, training and best practices for those in the fundraising profession. With more than 1200 members, the Greater Toronto Chapter is the… Read more »

New Job Posting Policy Announcement

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March 12, 2021 Toronto   NEW JOB POSTING POLICY EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2021   After extensive discussions and thorough research, the AFP-GTC Board has decided to implement a policy requiring all job postings to include salary ranges. The new policy roll-out will be supported by necessary educational resources. As of June 1, 2021, all organizations… Read more »

Pivot….really!!??!! The same, but different. My AFP Congress experience.

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Originally published on WordPress by Debra Thompson. Posted December 3, 2020 by AFP Toronto Last we left this story, in January 2019, I wrote about the role of pivoting and why it was so important to my career change. I shared my very first blog post and applied current state to my experience with kickboxing,… Read more »

Clear some brain space for NOT Congress

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Written by: Sue Lockett, CFRE Preferred pronouns (she/her)   Most days my brain is occupied with names of animated characters and a growing list of foods my daughter finds unappealing. Toss in the ever-changing shoe sizes and passwords to multiple early learning websites, and my brain begins to reach capacity. Enter COVID-19 with its host… Read more »

Volunteer with Us!

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Are you interested in volunteering with other fundraising professionals in the GTA? Are you interested in growing your professional network and making new connections? Do you enjoy leading and working with a passionate team? Do you love the excitement of planning a large event? Are you considering switching career paths or looking to build new… Read more »