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    Blog for AFP!

    Are you interested in positioning yourself as a thought leader in the fundraising community?

    By writing a blog for AFP Greater Toronto Chapter you’ll have the opportunity to share your insights, knowledge and expertise with our members. AFP offers a great platform and chance to connect with fundraisers.

    Tips on Writing a Blog Post:

    1. Make the post useful to the readers – offer tips, advice or insight into an area of your work.
    2. Offer a fresh angle – a point of view you don’t often read online or hear in conversation.
    3. Share a pride in the profession, even when challenging ideas – we are proud to represent fundraisers in Toronto, and we understand your work is complicated (your peers can relate).
    4. Offer practical information that will help readers understand a complicated issue or address similar challenges. This doesn’t need to be a bullet point list of tips, just information or advice that readers can apply to their own understanding.
    5. Provide original, personal, and honest work. This means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog. You are free to post on your own blog within 72 hours of posting on the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter blog.

    Your blog should be a minimum length of approximately 450 words, and a maximum of 650 words. All blogs will include your photo, bio and any social media handles (feel free to include your contact info too).  All submissions will be reviewed for approval – please note that promotional blogs cannot be accepted.

    We are flexible and open to your ideas on what you would like to blog about.  Please email Jessica at to start the conversation.