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    Call for Chairs 2019 Nominations

    Do you enjoy volunteering with the AFP?
    Do you enjoy leading a passionate team?
    Do you love the excitement of planning a large event?

    The Professional Development Chair Nominating Committee, made up of past AFP event Chairs, start the process to review applicants for the 2019 positions. Taking on a chair position is a great opportunity to put your leadership, organization and creative skills into practice.  We want to know if you would be interested in being considered for one of these positions:

    Not sure if this position is right for you? See what our past Chairs had to say about their experiences:

    From Fundraising Day Chair, 2017 – Matt Shaw, CFRE

    Let’s get right to it: AFP has recently announced its call for Chair applications for Congress and Fundraising Day 2019. If you are a committed fundraiser and have ever wanted to take a serious volunteer role within our chapter, I urge you to apply.

    My experience as chair of Fundraising Day was to be continuously in awe of the range of our profession, and by extent, our membership.

    While we are united in a shared endeavour and supported by a growing body of knowledge and practice, our profession is also a personal choice. What results is a community that shares a vision, but has an infinite number of ideas and opinions about how to get there. That makes it a seriously inspiring if noisy group, and, to return to our Fundraising Day theme this past year, creates the fertile ground for new ideas to take root.

    We are the better for the unique perspectives of those who make up our membership. I hope we see more and more of those voices and those ideas become engaged in AFP and make us a stronger voice for those we serve.


    From Congress Chair, 2016 – Allison Bone

    When I attended my first Congress in 2006, I never would have imagined that I would be serving as the Chair for this incredible event a decade later. When I took on the role, I did so knowing that it would push me both personally and professionally and boy – was I right! Acting as Chair comes with a considerable investment of time and effort, but it’s an investment that returns a myriad of professional and personal rewards.

    We all know how helpful and fulfilling it is to be able to discuss an idea with colleagues, gain new perspectives from others and come to a better understanding of what you want to achieve. Imagine that on a scale multiplied by a hundred and you get what Congress is all about. We are incredibly blessed to work in a sector where so many are willing to share their ideas, successes and failures for the betterment of our communities, our organizations and our careers. To volunteer alongside colleagues who also believe in the potential of knowledge sharing is second to none.

    As Chair, you are given the opportunity to contribute to a platform for ideas and insights that have unlimited potential for growth. You help to bring people together and give them a chance to connect with new ideas, with each other and re-connect with their own passion. Who wouldn’t want to play a role in making that happen?


    All candidates are asked to indicate their interest by completing the application form, to be submitted by August 25th, for consideration.  Previous experience on an AFP committee is an asset.

    We are looking for aspiring leaders who want a new challenge, who want to contribute to their sector and who want to work with a great team! Please return the application form and resume to Cynthia Quigley by August 25, 2017, along with your resume for consideration for one or more positions advertised above.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask either Mark Trask, VP Professional Development, or Cynthia Quigley at the Chapter office 416-941-9212 or at