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    Congress 2021 | Session Preview Podcast | Episode 1


    Curious what Congress is all about, or itching to hear what’s new from speakers this year? Check out the first episode in our AFP Congress Preview Podcast!


    Congress 2021 Volunteer, Sue Lockett, hosts a sneak peek of session content with inspiring conference speakers, Holly Wagg and Ligia Pena.





    Holly Wagg, Partner and CEO at Good Works, shares how her panel session The Next Generation of Non-Profit Leaders will present the real career journeys of industry leaders. While the path is usually different than you plan, it is rewarding. In another panel session, Holly shares how participants will explore Exploitation v.s. Empowerment, and receive tips on how to tell respectful, authentic stories. 





    Ligia Pena and Alexis Gaiptman will present Culture Shock: Understanding Death Rituals and Superstitions. Their session challenges attendees to consider more effective and thoughtful legacy marketing, by adapting to diverse cultural identities to promote inclusivity. Ligia’s chats about how her other session The Future of Legacy Giving will help attendees understand the differences between generations of legacy prospects. She plans to share strategies on how to engage the next generation of legacy donors to increase future legacy revenue for your organization.


    Listen on your podcast player — to the first in a series of 4 podcasts — to prepare you for your best Congress yet!


    And while you’re at it, REGISTER TODAY for #AFPCongress2021 to hear from our incredible lineup of speakers, including Holly and Ligia. 



    Special thanks our Congress 2021 Podcast Sponsor, KCK Global Limited.