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    Message from AFP GTC’s Interim Board President

    On behalf of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Toronto Chapter (AFP GTC), I acknowledge the apology offered by the AFP’s Global Board and fully accept its sanctions to rescind the Greater Toronto Chapter’s Ten Star Award and the IDEA Champion designation.

    AFP Global has taken an important step towards restitution and healing for actions of anti-Black racism at AFP GTC. As AFP GTC Interim Board President, I will also demonstrate our own commitment to restoration, which will be announced on June 27, 2023.

    My aim is to regain the trust and confidence of our Chapter membership and stakeholders and set AFP GTC in a new direction of service and representation. As we look forward, AFP GTC must be stronger, more committed, and better placed to uphold the principles of equity and champion the practices that lead to belonging for all fundraisers in the GTC.

    Updated on June 27, 2023

    Today I received acknowledgment from Caroline Riseboro that she will return the 2022 Philanthropy Award for Outstanding Fundraising Professional – Large Organization to AFP GTC.

    I have accepted the return of this award and consider it to be an important gesture in the journey to resolving the conflict stemming from anti-Black racism in AFP GTC. 


    Olumide (Mide) Akerewusi
    AFP GTC Interim Board President