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    New Job Posting Policy Announcement

    March 12, 2021



    After extensive discussions and thorough research, the AFP-GTC Board has decided to implement a policy requiring all job postings to include salary ranges. The new policy roll-out will be supported by necessary educational resources.

    As of June 1, 2021, all organizations posting jobs on our site must include a salary range for the advertised role. The AFP-GTC believes in promoting and supporting fairness and transparency as part of the Chapter’s IDEA mandate, and is committed to doing its part in eradicating procedures and processes that advance systemic discrimination during the hiring process.

    We acknowledge that this new Job Posting Policy is only a small part that lends to more transparency in the hiring process, but it is a necessary one. Job candidates need to know and trust that they will not be discriminated against even before getting to the interview stage.

    The AFP-GTC is planning a 3-part education series to support our members over the next several weeks, as we transition to more wage transparency and our policy on listing salary ranges. This series will address the “WHY?” and the “HOW?”.

    • WHY: Why it is important to take these steps as a sector; why it impacts diversity and inclusion as a whole, and why it is important to the larger goal of equity, anti-racism, and decreasing the wage gap.
    • HOW: The HOWs of implementing this policy in small to large and in new or old organizations. We also hope to provide mentors willing to share their time and expertise with organizations that are looking to make this change but need some support to do so.

    Collectively, these sessions will provide thoughtful guidance to our member organizations on how to remove systemic barriers in the sector through their hiring processes.

    The AFP-GTC also wishes to thank our member organizations currently providing salary ranges on our job board and encourage them to continue their efforts toward ending discriminatory recruitment practices.

    Should you have any question regarding this new Job Posting Policy, please contact us at: