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    What Does ‘Raising the Work’ Mean to You?

    This year’s AFP Congress is a rallying cry for fundraisers to take a step back, recharge, discover new ways of thinking, support each other, and collaborate in elevating the profession.

    In this blog entry, the volunteers behind Congress share their perspective on what it means to ‘Raise The Work’ in 2019. Please share your own thoughts in the comments below!


    Take Pride

    “I think we need to get better at celebrating ourselves. Not everyone gets to fund social good with their day job. That meaningful impact is a benefit of our career choice and we shouldn’t be shy or equivocate about that fact. We should own it.”


    – Scott Jeffries, Director of Media & Data Services, Stephen Thomas Ltd

    AFP Congress 2019 Marketing Committee Chair


     Tell the World

    “Some may view our sector as small or lacking innovation. But we know better. Fundraisers see the results of innovation everyday in the life-changing impact we have on the communities we serve. Fundraisers change the world in a big way – let’s make sure the world knows it.”


    – Molly DeHaan, Manager of Annual Giving, Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation

    AFP Congress 2019 Marketing Committee


    Going Beyond

    “To me raising the work means understanding the challenges faced by your colleagues. Because when you get out of your ‘silo’ in this way, you can discover new ways of working together so that you’re not just serving your own goals but perhaps helping other departments more readily achieve their goals too.”


    – Jennifer Meriano, Mid-Level Giving, Canadian Red Cross

    AFP Congress 2019 Marketing Committee

    Lead the Conversation

    “We should never be settling for ‘what we have always done’. And that means keeping up with new fundraising trends and hot topics in our industry (and beyond) to ensure that you are one of the people leading the conversation and not being left behind.”


    – Laura Champion, Fundraising Strategist, Blakely Inc

    Incoming Chair, AFP Congress 2020


    Refreshed and Inspired

    “To raise the work, we need to find time to focus on ourselves and learn new things. That’s why I attend AFP Congress. I always walk away feeling refreshed and inspired… and always with at least one amazing idea that I can implement.”


    – Samantha Barr, Manager of Alumni Relations and Advancement, UofT Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

    AFP Congress 2019 Education Committee Chair


    Deliver Your Best

    “In the daily whirl of emails, calls, and meetings, it’s easy for the work itself to get lost. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ just to get something off your desk. As Jim Collins wrote, ‘Good is the enemy of great’. Step back. Breathe. Focus. Analyze. Question. Challenge. Push. Take the time. Raise the work!”


    – Sonya Swiridjuk, CFRE, Interim Director of Philanthropy, War Child Canada

    AFP Congress 2019 North America & International Chair


    Learn more about Congress 2019 & register here