2020 was a challenging year. The global pandemic disrupted and continues to disrupt traditional (offline) fundraising channels, we saw a significant acceleration in the shift to transacting — including donating — digitally, and we saw that, despite the economic impact of the pandemic, the generous spirit of your donors remains strong.

But now it’s 2021.And we know that we need to continue to adapt and fundraise differently — we know the same-old fundraising isn’t enough. Donor expectations have changed; charities need to change with them… or get left behind.

In 2021 charities must be digital-first. And the critical time is now.

Join Rachel Hunnybun, Donor Experience Specialist and Senior Strategist at Blakely, and Mo Waja, speaker, marketer, and Fundraising Strategist at Blakely, in a practical discussion on how your donors are changing, how you can change with them. We’ll be exploring how you can seemlessly integrate your online and offline channels effectively, how to create a powerful digital donor experience, what to do to set yourself up for success and give you some practical ideas for some winning digital communications.

January 13, 2021 - 1:00 - 2:00pm ET

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Rachel Hunnybun, MInstF

Fundraising Consultant


Rachel is a fundraising professional with over a decade of experience specialising in individual giving and supporter experience. She has worked at a variety of charities in the UK covering international development, medical causes and hospital charities. She is currently working well as a consultant strategist with US, Canadian and European charities on projects that raise income from individuals, improve supporter experience and donor retention. She was a commissioner for the Commission on Donor Experience in the UK, is an active regional committee member of IOF and is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK, Europe and North America on the subjects of supporter experience and implementing change

Mo Waja

Marketing Storytelling Expert, Speaker, Author, Account Manager at Blakely

Blakely Inc.

Mo Waja is a professional speaker, marketer, author, podcast host and producer, and is a fundraiser at Blakely. As a marketer, Mo has worked with personal, not-for-profit, and for-profit brands in the charitable, software, and financial sectors, amongst others, developing successful storytelling strategies. As a speaker, Mo has spent tens of thousands of hours coaching business professionals, nonprofits, post-secondary students, and campaign advocates in the art of professional speaking and communication, and has delivered sessions on topics ranging from marketing ethics, to digital storytelling strategy, to social media and e-philanthropy, to personal and professional branding.