Effective fundraising begins with clear fundraising roles and metrics that effectively monitor and evaluate the fundraising activity of volunteers, CEO, and fundraising staff. Most fundraising departments of Canadian charities and non-profits fall on the spectrum of a traditional department model. Yet, ongoing research and anecdotal evidence reveals that chief fundraisers within organizations (at CEO, VP, and Director of Development levels) believe they are raising less money than they should be able to raise all the while retaining, despite the inefficiencies in their departments, an optimistic outlook for future fundraising.

The principles of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing have been applied to improve organizational performance across the private sector, but have yet to be deeply explored in how they might apply within Canadian fundraising environments. In this session, delegates will consider the ways Lean and Six Sigma principles may be applied to radically improve fundraising performance, with real-world examples drawn from Canadian and U.S. fundraising.

Key Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of Lean Six Sigma and apply them to a fundraising organization
  • Review the successes and challenges of implementing lean principles using a real case study
  • Position your fundraising team to maximize meaningful contact with prospects and realize the highest value donations

Steven A. Reed, APR


Performance Advantage, a Marketing Partners, Inc. company

Steve Reed is chairman and CEO of Marketing Partners, Inc. (MPI), a business improvement and marketing services organization formed in 1983. He is also president of Performance Advantage N.A., a MPI business unit that specializes in fundraising performance improvement to at least double fundraising production for clients. His experience creating innovation processes for commercial product development in the 1990s led to the application of six sigma and lean principles in the not-for-profit world and in fundraising. You may reach him at sareed@mpicompanies.com.