Session Description

We are laser-focused on retaining donors, and rightfully so. The US average overall donor retention rate is 46%, and an abysmal 20% for first-time donors. But what are we doing about the donors we lost? Are we throwing up our arms and saying, "Shame on us, let's do better next time." Or are we saying, "Hell no, I'm not giving up. You're gonna love me!"

Join this session to explore the strategies, tactics and tools for renewing donors who've recently left or are lapsed in their pledge fulfillment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A progressive strategy for renewing donors with lapsed pledges.

  • Direct mail and digital appeal messaging strategies to renew recently lapsed donors.

  • Special outreach strategies to lapsed event sponsors and ticket purchasers.

  • How to engage your board members to powerfully re-engage recently lapsed donors