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Consultant, Fundraising Strategy Development

Posted On: February 18, 2022
Closing On: March 18, 2022

Location: Toronto/Remote
Effective: April 2022
Employment Type: contract
Level: senior
Salary Range: (This is an RFP)


CAMFED Canada is seeking to engage a consultant to support the development of a fundraising strategy with action plan for implementation over the 2022-2025 period.  We invite interested parties to submit a short proposal  outlining an approach, methods, timelines and estimated allocations (including consultancy costs) for a nine-month engagement (from April through December 2022) with a maximum budget of $75,000. During the engagement, the consultant will assess CAMFED Canada’s current situation and resources, formulate an action plan, and assist us with the initial, practical implementation of the plan, as agreed to with CAMFED Canada.


CAMFED Canada has been a registered Canadian charity since 2017. Based in Toronto with a five-member team, it is part of the CAMFED consortium which has independently registered offices in Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Ghana) as well as in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Collectively, CAMFED’s mission is to multiply educational opportunities for girls and empower young women to become leaders of change. The geographic focus of its programs is rural sub-Saharan Africa, where marginalized girls and young women face acute disadvantage and where their empowerment will have a transformative impact.

CAMFED’s revolutionary model uses on a three-pronged approach to support girls and young women along a progressive trajectory through school and beyond so that they can gain education, become financially independent, and be able to invest back into their communities:

  1. In-school education programs ensure girls from the most disadvantaged backgrounds attend and complete primary and secondary school. Over the last 26 years, CAMFED has supported more than 4.8 million children.
  2. Immediate post-school transition programs create pathways for young women to successfully progress from secondary school to further education and/or to formal or self-employment.
  3. Enterprise development programs create young women’s business opportunities, so that they can become self-supporting and create jobs for others.

The systemic nature of CAMFED’s impact is increasingly driven by the CAMFED Association, a unique, pan-African network of over 178,000 young women who received support from CAMFED to complete school. Each member is committed to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Collectively they are cascading their learning, expertise, leadership and earnings to help many more girls in their communities. On average, each member currently supports the education of three other girls. Through CAMFED’s multiplier strategy, over the next four years, five million more girls will be supported to learn and thrive in school, 280,000 women will be on a secure pathway to further education and employment, and women-owned businesses will have created another 150,000 jobs.

Consultancy Description

To goal of this consultancy is to develop a fundraising strategy and plan which will enable CAMFED Canada to diversify its funding sources and increase unrestricted income by expanding its current base of individual Canadian donors over the next four years and growing funding from these donors to a sustainable annual rate of $2m or more.

Key objectives for this consultancy project:

  1. Create a strategy for the development of an individual giving program with an action plan for the next four financial years (2022-2025) with realistic objectives and targets for the program, predominantly focused on donors giving $20,000 or less per year.
  2. Work with CAMFED Canada to optimize a plan that addresses the Canadian market, and at the same time effectively integrates CAMFED’s global fundraising and communications resources and practices to ensure cohesion of messaging and to maximize effective use of the CAMFED consortium’s people, processes and tools.
  3. Outline a clear PR strategy to increase awareness of CAMFED in Canada and to mobilize Canadians for a proven solution to advance systemic changes for equity and social justice, economic development and women’s leadership to create a more resilient equitable world through girls’ education and young women’s economic empowerment.

Essential elements of the strategy will include:

  • The development of an inclusive, diverse base of individual donor and supporters across Canada.
  • Use of messaging reflecting CAMFED’s client and African-centric model, spearheaded by young women who are stepping up to create local solutions and to invest their significant resources alongside those from individuals globally.

What we are looking for in a strategy development consultant

  • Experience consulting with non-profit organizations supporting work outside of Canada.
  • Willingness to understand and leverage CAMFED’s existing global capacities as springboards for the development of a cohesive and cost-effective strategy.
  • Ability to provide Canadian-targeted advice for both fundraising and communications.
  • Demonstrated expertise with development of donor-centric strategies particularly engaging diverse donors.

To Apply:

Submit RFPs to:

CAMFED Canada 

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