The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Online Directory of Suppliers is a comprehensive guide to suppliers to the fundraising sector. The directory is a frequently used and carefully categorized resource that connects fundraisers with the products, services and expertise they need to achieve better results.

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1:1 Fundraising

1:1 Fundraising

Categories: Digital fundraising, Event Management, Face-to-Face Fundraising
Business Development, VP Business Development
5-600 Matheson Blvd. W, Mississauga, ON, L6Y2E7

THE FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING1:1 Group of Companies is a full-service fundraising agency with over 19 years in residential canvassing, street campaigns, retail kiosk fundraising and entertainment fundraising. Led by industry professionals in both direct fundraising and entertainment consulting & production who have employment backgrounds in nationwide charitable organizations. Our campaigns are custom formulated for each client. As a unique fundraising agency leveraging our unique fundraising methodologies such as the power of extended reality and new technology development, we strive for quality donor acquisitions by delving deep into understanding donor behaviors and the value in the donor experience. Engaging potential donors by captivating your audience with an experience like no other. Select the right services from our service channels for a single or multi-channel tailored campaign program.

CANVASSING: Residential canvassing, street and retail kiosk fundraising still works! We deploy professional fundraising teams across the country on behalf of great organizations. Our Face-to-Face fundraising solutions can simply be integrated and deployed traditionally or enhanced with technology developments for a fresh interactive donor experience.

ENTERTAINMENT FUNDRAISING: Signature events and touring sponsorship opportunities branded by charity. Our production team includes experienced talent buyers, live event logistics coordinators, festival production crews, tour managers, relationship managers and some of the best entertainment industry consultant contacts. Fundraised onsite with our professional experienced fundraisers. Engage a captivated audience of thousands a night through entertainment fundraising. Signature events and touring opportunities are proven fundraising methodologies with high donor retention life-time value.

MEDIA INFLUENCERS: With the rise in popularity of Social Media Influencers, similar to our Artist Associates Program, we will partner your brand and cause with the perfect roster of popular influencers. Influencers in social media are people who have built an online reputation with mass followers. They make regular posts on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to what they have to say. With the right influencer by your side, this channel allows your campaign to reach an audience of hundreds of thousands or even millions.

XR DEVELOPMENT: Extended Reality... It is the future of the way people take in media. Use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to enhance the donor experience. Our digital development team is comprised of some of the most creative and talented developers in AR, VR and MR. Bring the donor experience to a level where modern technology takes them on a journey, relaying your message in visual and audio stimulation while enhancing their experience and empathy to the cause.

DONORPERKS: Our Donor Rewards Program provides donors a fun and exciting way to be rewarded for their commitment to giving. This program is designed for quality attrition enhancement on monthly giving donors or as a simple thank you for their generosity.

Aber Group

Aber Group

Categories: Digital fundraising, Market Research, Marketing & Communications
Amanda Lee, Account Director
416-322-2909 ext. 237
120 Eglinton Ave E #202, Toronto, ON M4P 1E2

At The Aber Group, we’ve been successfully using digital media to drive donations, educate people about issues, attract advocates & build awareness for NFP organizations and causes for over 15 years.   Each year, we create, manage and optimize hundreds of digital media campaigns and know first-hand about the ever-changing digital marketing landscape – search engine marketing and optimization, online and mobile media, programmatic media, native ads, content partnerships, mobile apps, video, social network advertising and beyond.  Our staff members are Google Partners certified in Search, Display, Video, Google Analytics and Google Ad Grants, Facebook, Snapchat and Microsoft Ads.  We’re a Google Premier Agency Partner and Facebook Marketing Pro Partner, which means extra attention from the platforms for our client campaigns, specialized training for our staff and unique access to betas and best practices.  Contact us today to see how we can make your next digital campaign even more successful.

Twitter: @TheAberGroup

Instagram: @TheAberGroup

BAS Inc.

BAS Inc.

Categories: Donor & Volunteer Recognition
Deborah Burgess, Rob Sherrington, Partners
Rob Cell 416.452.1226; Deborah Cell 905.375.3079;
338 Reynolds Street, Unit 2, Oakville,ON L6J 3L8

BAS is one of the premier recognition consultants and providers in the nation with clients in all charitable business sectors. As recognition specialists BAS represents world-class skill and experience in the design and implementation of recognition and architectural signage solutions both static and digital. Our understanding of philanthropy, donor marketing and communication, and our comprehensive service – strategic planning and development through fabrication and installation, is a winning combination that brings success to all of our clients!

Batsch Group Inc.

Batsch Group Inc.

Categories: Database Management, Digital fundraising, Fundraising/Donor Management Software
Sharron Batsch, Partner

We know the value and importance of good information and how it powers a charity. As your Canadian solution, our experience and support are noted by our clients.

Your donor management system needs to function without fail. Running a Profile Report for an on-site visit is seamless. Retention and analytics are just a couple of clicks away. No queries to write!

Our software engineers have created and continue to add anything our clients need. @EASE is a collaboration where data management and fund development meet.

Information, Knowledge and Time

We know the value of productivity and have integrated your electronic tools so they are accessible from @EASE’s main menu. 15 Second Retrieval is our mantra. Does it work? It works in our office and it will work for you.

Rich Profiles for Donors, Advocates and Stakeholders

Knowing your donors helps to build sustainable relationships. Why do they donate is an important question. More important is retaining their response. Staff changes can undermine your charity. @EASE profile fields capture talking points to benefit your charity.

Online Donations with Donate Now

Donate Now gives you one-time donations,  monthly donations, in memory, in honour or, peer-to-peer events, ticket sales, registrations with or without a fee. Donate Now uses iATS Payments which integrates seamlessly with @EASE to manage monthly donations to reconcile with batch reports and your bank.  Give instant receipts for charitable donations and a Video Thank You for all transactions.

From Chaos to Control Book Review

Ken Wyman, Prof Emeritus Humber College: "I wish I had your book years ago. You are so right about the challenges for charities to keep track of all the information about donors, volunteers, people who ask for information, beneficiaries (ticket buyers, alumni, clients, family, members, etc.). This MUST be centralized, accessible, and kept up to date. Too often, it is incomplete, scattered, or worst yet, not recorded at all."

Call Us! Supporting the Non-Profit sector since 1994

@EASE integrates with Constant Contact, iATS Payments, SMTP2Go and the EaseKMS Knowledge base.

Accessible, accurate information supports a Knowledge Driven Charity.



Categories: Annual Campaigns, Capital Campaigns, Corporate Sponsorship, Executive Search, Full Service Consulting, Grant Research & Writing, Human Resources, Strategic Planning
George Stanois, Senior Vice President
416 931-8975
98 Hammersmith Avenue, Main Floor, Toronto ON M4E 2W4
BNP GOLDIE Canada is a full-service fundraising consulting firm across Canada. Think of it as the 360° approach. From campaign management to communications, recruitment and coaching, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services to meet every need. Together, we can achieve great things!          
CAF America

CAF America

Brooks Reed, Director of Business Development
(202) 793 2232

CAF America and its subsidiary, CAF Canada, facilitate tax-effective charitable donations from US and Canadian taxpayers within full compliance of all local and international regulations, making our clients philanthropic goals a reality.



Categories: Board Development & Governance, Executive Search, Human Resources
Deborah Legrove, CFRE, President
416-977-2913 / Toll Free: 1-866-647-5149
150 King Street West, Suite 305, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9
Established in 1996, crawfordconnect has grown to be the most effective retained executive search firm exclusive to non-profits in Canada. As a boutique firm, we are agile and bring a nation-wide reach. Collaborative by nature, our flexibility allows us to assemble the best team for your search with an intense focus on results. Our searches are backed with a full suite of Talent Management services. Once your new talent is in place our service continues with onboarding, succession planning, performance management systems, compensation reviews, job design, and employee policy solutions. Connect with the best.
DEC data

DEC data

Categories: Database Management, Direct Mail, Fundraising/Donor Management Software
Martin McMillan, Senior Partner

DEC data is the only specialised deceased data supplier in Canada. Our entire business revolves around the curation of continually growing lists of information regarding the deceased in Canada. Our data is highly accurate and captures most of the deaths occurring in Canada every day from two reliable sources: Canada Bereavement Registry and our proprietary software ObitScan. Canada Bereavement Registry is a consumer registry used by funeral homes, estate executors and the public providing highly accurate and timely information on the deceased. Our proprietary software ObitScan has been carefully designed to take the most current and relevant details of the deceased in Canada from the internet. 

Our Services
Deceased Donor Matching

The data supplied by our Canada Bereavement Registry includes the name, address, date of birth and death of the deceased.  Not for profit and data analytics organisations can use the information from this list to remove the deceased from marketing databases.  This helps to save costs by increasing ROI on marketing campaigns, protect brand integrity by not offending the bereaved with unwanted mail, and promote environmental responsibility by reducing unwanted paper mail.

This service is offered in two ways:

1. A monthly file of deceased data is given to your organisation for in house data cleansing.

2. We receive your data and send you a monthly report with deceased donor matches.

Donation Searches

With the use of our proprietary software ObitScan we offer a service called ObitSearch which is a subscription service that finds your organisations name listed in obituaries.  With this monthly list, you can follow up on donations requested by the deceased’s family and helps to find legacy gifts.

Donnée (A Moore Company)

Donnée (A Moore Company)

Categories: Direct Mail, Direct Response Marketing, Integrated fundraising
Duncan McRae, Director, Business Development & Marketing
416-532-1213 ext. 108
203-250 Augusta Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2L7

For over 20 years, Donnée has provided thought leadership and expertise in all areas of direct response fundraising to Canadian not-for-profits like you. This isnt just a job for us; its our passion. We are a leading provider of direct response fundraising and strategic consulting to Canadian not-for-profits. We serve hospital foundations, national and international health charities, social welfare organizations.

We serve hospital foundations, national and international health charities, social welfare organizations, and more!

Global Philanthropic Inc. (Canada)

Global Philanthropic Inc. (Canada)

Categories: Full Service Consulting
Dora Boylen-Pabst, CFRE, Vice President Ontario & Senior Consultant
455 Danforth Avenue, Suite 413, Toronto, Ontario M4K 1P1

Global Philanthropic Canada is part of a worldwide network of strategic management professionals.  Our Senior Consultants deliver professional and accessible fundraising counsel to organizations of all sizes in a respectful and inclusive environment. We aim to support, teach and propel you to meet and exceed your goals by elevating your mission together. Across Canada, our Senior Consultants average 30 years each of strategic on-the-ground fundraising leadership, in healthcare, higher education, arts, and social services. Collectively, we have helped raise more than $4.5 billion.

Harvey McKinnon Associates

Harvey McKinnon Associates

Categories: Annual Campaigns, Direct Mail, Direct Response Marketing, Full Service Consulting, Planned Giving
Ryan Garnett, Head of Integrated Marketing
(604) 732-4351 ex. 110
Suite 322- 1275 West 6th Ave Vancouver, BC, V6H 1A6
Harvey McKinnon Associates is one of North America's most creative and respected fundraising companies specializing in relationship building, strategy, integrated direct marketing, digital fundraising, monthly giving and legacy marketing for the nonprofit community.  Founded by Harvey McKinnon, one of North America's leading fundraisers, HMA offers fundraising services to nonprofit clientts in Canada, the United States, and around the world.  HMA is a fundraising agency specializing in helping you build relationships with your donors through cultivation, engagement and stewardship, strategy, multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns, mid-level programs, monthly giving and legacy marketing. Our team brings together innovation and expertise in fundraising, communications, organizational development, and training. By using our skills to put your donors first, we can help you reach your fundraising potential. 
Prospect Research Experts

Prospect Research Experts

Categories: Annual Campaigns, Capital Campaigns, Grant Research & Writing, Major Gifts, Market Research, Prospect Research
Heidi Stock, President

Experts in the identification and research of prospective donors and grant proposal writing. Competitive rates, customized research, new client discount, and rush services available.

ViTreo Group Inc

ViTreo Group Inc

Categories: Board Development & Governance, Capital Campaigns, Major Gifts, Naming Rights
Vincent Duckworth
(403) 210-3157
Suite 200, 301 14 St. NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 2A1

We are ViTreo. ViTreo is a nationally recognized non-profit leadership and development agency. Our team has over 350 years of combined consulting and fundraising experience with expertise in campaign planning, campaign management, leadership development, stakeholder engagement, fund development assessments and planning, talent acquisition, staff coaching, naming valuations, marketing, communications, branding, research, and non-profit governance.

Working with ViTreo, our clients raise more money, are better positioned in the market, and operate with a stronger sense of strategic direction and governance. We empower clients by growing their internal capacity and sustainability while offering current solutions to intractable problems.

We work alongside your team to offer the guidance, advice, encouragement, and support needed to create organizational change that builds stronger and more courageous leaders. With a culture of caring and connection, we offer a clear approach in an industry that can be overwhelming and often overcomplicated.

Our diverse team provides bold and timely advice to clients in the public and non-profit sectors. We are proud to have worked with hundreds of organizations from education, social services, health, recreation, environment, and the arts.

We provide innovative strategic counsel to Canada’s most impactful board members, CEOs, and leaders.

WISHART Advertising & Graphic Design Inc.

WISHART Advertising & Graphic Design Inc.

Categories: Advertising, Brand Identity Design, Capital Campaigns, Graphic Design, Marketing & Communications
John VanDuzer, Creative Director
Toronto * Hamilton

Having created some of the most iconic campaigns in Canadian fundraising history, WISHART – well known for its towering giraffes – remains head and shoulders above.

Purposefully small, as a boutique agency, we have nonetheless made an outsized contribution to the nonprofit sector: WISHART’s creative has helped Canadian charities raise over TWO BILLION dollars!! To see the impact of two billion dollars visit our website.


Rise above the ordinary; create extraordinary value. Above all, create the greater good. We are the agency that other agencies hire to do their most challenging work!

AKA raisin® (a product of A.K.A. New Media Inc.)

Categories: Brand Identity Design, Fundraising/Donor Management Software, Graphic Design, Marketing & Communications
Nazish Z. Hirji, Director of Business Development, Business Development Associate
416.323.1981 ext. 241
205-20 Maud Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2M5
ABOUT raisin® AKA raisin® is a leading online and mobile fundraising platform. Combining the latest trends in mobile, web, social, and peer-to-peer fundraising, raisin helps charities raise more money! User-friendly and robust, raisin saves hours in administrative costs, empowering organizations to create fully-functional and branded event websites.
  • E-Philanthropy Partner of the AFP since 2009
  • Fully bilingual and proudly Canadian with all aspects of raisin® hosted on Canadian soil
AKA raisin® is a product of A.K.A. New Media Inc. ABOUT A.K.A. NEW MEDIA INC. A.K.A. is an award-winning interactive and strategic communication agency with considerable experience in the not-for-profit and fundraising sector. Since 1997, A.K.A. has sought opportunities of social impact and maintains immense pride in all of the solutions and services it provides. Solutions include; mobile responsive website development; branding, corporate identity & print; digital & social media strategy; and much more! Contact: Jassmin Nicoloff, Sale Representative Email:


Categories: Direct Mail, Direct Response Marketing, Grant Research & Writing, Strategic Planning
Peter Hoppe, President

Thirty years of experience helping over 100 organizations grow and diversify has taught us much. While the landscape of philanthropy is constantly changing, the fundamentals stay the same. We build and manage fund development strategies and programs for individual giving and foundation grants. We can also help you plan for the future by writing cases for support and creating practical strategic plans to advance your organization to new heights.

Fundamentals President Peter Hoppe is a seasoned CFRE fundraising professional, college professor, and avid volunteer. A strategic and creative thinker, Peter has had great success bringing organizations closer to their mission and vision. Let him do the same for you!

Visit Fundamentals.Solutions and check out Fundraising 101 to learn more about the fundamentals of raising funds and our services.

Sigma Promotions Inc.

Categories: Marketing & Communications
Nikki Pett, TAS
4 Vata Court, Unit 23, Aurora, ON

Sigma Promotions exists to strengthen your brand through engaged teams, raving fans and increased fundraising returns. We build strategic campaigns that strengthen donor retention, increase event participation and open doors to new community partners and major donors. Let’s have a chat and talk about how promotional products or a strategic marketing campaign can accelerate your growth at 905-841-9314!