Azeus Convene

Categories: Board Development & Governance

Contact: Taz Malik, Sales Executive Email:

Address: 8105 Raser Blvd. #272, Plano, TX 75024 Telephone: 1 800 795 2024

Azeus Convene is a user-friendly, efficient suite of mobile and web-based board meeting applications. Azeus Convene will streamline your organisation’s board meeting processes by providing directors easy and secure access to board documents — anywhere, anytime — while giving administrators an efficient solution to prepare and manage board meetings. Convene is enjoyed by the top management of corporations, banks, non-profit organisations, energy companies, government departments around the world to meet remotely, review and annotate documents, as well as save time and effort while demonstrating their commitment to corporate governance. Azeus Convene has two decades’ experience in building complex IT systems for various industries to make a meeting solution for busy executives and corporate leaders that works anywhere, across any device.