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Job Posting Pricing and Terms

The AFP-Greater Toronto Chapter believes in promoting and supporting equity, and is committed to doing its part in eradicating procedures and processes that advance systemic discrimination during the hiring process. In an effort to set expectations and be transparent with applicants, as of June 1, 2021, all organizations and recruiters who wish to advertise open positions on our Job Board will be required to include a salary range for the role in their postings..

Our job board caters to a niche market of fundraising professionals with specialized and highly sought after skills.

Listings submitted to our job board are approved within 1-2 business days after payment is received. Please see below pricing grid for job posting fees. Payments can be made online here or over the phone (416-941-9212) by credit card. Once your posting has been approved and payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. NOTE: Since March 2020, the AFP-GTC office has been closed due to Covid. To submit a payment with staff assistance, please email:

Postings remain live on our job board for 30 days or until the job closing date. When completing the job description, it is encouraged that you consider that AFP membership is an asset.

Approved job postings are sent to all AFP Greater Toronto Chapter members usually within 3-5 business days – we ask that you please keep this in mind when submitting jobs with closing dates.

Featured Posting (Toronto only): Choose this option to get your job posting highlighted and listed at the top of the job postings page. Featured postings also appear at the top of the daily job listings e-mail to members. This option is designed to deliver greater visibility in order to encourage more responses. Multiple featured postings will appear in alphabetical order.

Re-postings: Re-posting of a job after the original closing date or 30 days has passed, is considered a new job posting ad and normal rates apply.

Cancellations: Any cancellations or changes to job postings must be made in writing to Please note that payments for job postings that have already gone out in member e-blasts will not be refunded.

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Post your listing with Toronto and/or other Canadian chapters: 


ChapterMember RateNon-Member Rate
Greater Toronto Chapter$400 + $52 HST = $452 (add featured posting: + $150)$650 + $84.50 HST = $734.50 (add featured posting: + $200)
Golden Horseshoe*$200$300
Calgary* $250$350
Nova Scotia*$150$250
South Eastern*$175$175
Vancouver Island*$150$225
Newfoundland & Labrador*$75$100
London & Region*$150$250

*HST not included

Please note that pricing does not include HST. Pricing is based on a combination of the Chapter size and competitive rates within each region.

Not all Canadian Chapters job listings are managed through our Chapter – for a complete list of the Canadian Chapters and to contact them individually, click here.

The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter is not responsible for postings made in error to other Chapters or through the AFP Global jobs page. If you believe you have made a posting to the AFP Global jobs page in error, you can contact them here.
If you’re interested in becoming an AFP Greater Toronto Chapter member, please visit our membership page or contact us at 416-941-9212.

Questions regarding the job posting program can be directed to or 416-941-9212.