Need help with a feasibility study? Have questions about nonprofit registration requirements? Call the AFP Resource Center! AFP gives you access to its Resource Center for development professionals. Knowledgeable staff are available for Professional, Associate and large Nonprofit Organizational members from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern to provide information on topics ranging from endowments to the Internet to salaries.

Requests for information can be submitted by phone or email. We will then research and prepare our best customized response based on the materials we have available. Access to the AFP Resource Center and research services is free to AFP members.

Center highlights include:

  • Over 3,200 reference works and periodicals on fundraising and development.
  • Specialized research by Resource Center staff.
  • Computerized database to survey the library collection and access bibliographies.
  • Ethics information and consultant lists.
  • On-site access to the AFP Library.

To Access the AFP Resource Center Services:

AFP Research

Until recently, there has been very little scholarly research on the practise of fundraising. To address this need, AFP has assumed a leadership role in the advancement of research on fundraising and philanthropy through a number of initiatives.

  • AFP State of Fundraising Reports: The AFP State of Fundraising Reportsare a series of reports that track and compare annual fundraising levels among AFP members’ organizations.
  • AFP Compensation & Benefits Survey: AFP annually collects data on members’ salaries and benefits. This report is free to members.

For a the latest research and statistics, visit the Research area of the AFP International web site.