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    #AFPSDS Fall 2019 – Call for Speakers


    Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019
    Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Theme: Gratitude
    Location: George Brown Residency & Conference Centre – 80 Cooperage St., Toronto (map)


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    This edition of the Speaker Discovery Series invites fundraisers to share their stories on the theme of


    In today’s world, it is as important as ever that we stop and appreciate the positive things around us. And thankfully us fundraisers are in the business of gratitude… whether we’re deepening a donor relationship or building a culture of philanthropy, it is gratitude that’s at the core of everything we do.

    What about your life in fundraising has made you feel true gratitude? Or have you ever lost that loving feeling? How did you find it once again? Gratitude is something we practice in the workplace each day but it is not always easy to find for or in ourselves. Tell us your experience with gratitude in the workplace and beyond.

    This edition of the Speaker Discovery Series invites first-time speakers to bravely share stories about the gift of gratitude. So let’s get together as fundraisers and celebrate the power of ‘thank you’.

    Not sure if you have a story to tell, but have a basic idea you’re thinking about sharing? Apply! Our SDS committee will work with you to help develop your story & presentation!

    It can be hard to find your chance to shine. If every conference wants experience, how do you get experience speaking at conferences? That’s why AFP Toronto began the Speaker Discovery Series (SDS). We want to give first-time speakers an opportunity to receive coaching, mentorship, and constructive feedback.

    No slideshows allowed. Just a story, a voice, and a little bravery.

    The deadline to apply to speak is Friday, July 26.